Pic: The BEST Adolf Hitler meme of all time: All Whites: DO THIS!

[This is fantastic. And remember, before Hitler killed himself, he fought in WW1 & WW2. The only reason he killed himself was because they had killed and hung up Mussolini and his lover on meat hooks. That’s all. Prior to that, his ENTIRE LIFE was a life of struggle and fighting. And he only killed himself right at the very end, when the enemies were upon him.

As for whites: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER consider suicide. Rather take some of your enemies down with you, when you go down. Don’t go down ALONE! Fight for your life, struggle for everything. This is the way the world works. Ignore the Jews, Liberals and Blacks who hate you. FIGHT FOR YOUR EXISTENCE AND THE EXISTENCE OF OUR RACE. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS! Jan]

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