Photos: The Most Worthless Race on the Planet – My Comments

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BIZARRE: Russia: Scientists to create a genetic weapon against Anglo-Saxons
This is a bizarre story from Russia. I have the link to the original Moscow Times article in Russian which you are welcome to translate. I have published the translation as well as the original text. Now you will see the crazy type of stuff Russians publish in Russia.

[Incogman is an American who has been exposing the Jewish filth for a long time. But he has written about the blacks. We whites in Africa were NOT making things up when we were talking about the blacks. Giving them power and handing countries over to them was totally insane. Black politics is the worst idea ever conceived. And you'll see Jews were doing this at every opportunity. Jan]


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Lots of Photos: NAZI Gassings!!
This is a link to the Wayback Machine where you can see a wonderful old website with mountains of photos and articles about the enormous Jewish hoax of the holocaust. NAZIGASSINGS was a wonderful little website in it‘s day. You can still see many photos and stories on this page.

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