Photo: Lovely little White Children at the Whites-only town of Orania, South Africa…

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Video: Napoleon: Jews are GUILTY until proven Innocent!
This is the story of how Napoleon tried to solve the Jewish problem in Europe nicely. He got all the Jews together. Then the Jews proceeded to lie to him and he realised it!

[This photo of the little white Afrikaans children in Orania, is beautiful isn’t it?
Note: Here in Africa we give children school uniforms. We follow the British system in that sense.
I like it. I think it gets rid of differences between rich and poor. I think Hitler would have approved of this.
Here are lovely little European children in Africa. Aren’t they lovely? Jan]

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Video & Audio: Jack the JEWISH Ripper & the murders of Mary Phagan & Bubbles Schroeder
I look at famous unsolved crimes, each of which is filled with confusion and each of which has Jews as the main suspects in it. We look at how Jews protect each other and refuse to give evidence in crimes which implicate other Jews.

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