Photo: IMPORTANT: S.A: Black Christian Prophet tells Blacks to buy guns for a Race War with Whites – My Comments

[We Whites came to bring civilisation to Africa, or so we told ourselves, or such was our propaganda. Among the things we did was to bring the BIBLE and JESUS to these blacks, which we believed would work for us. But I have watched over the decades as black Christians support COMMUNISM … as Black Christians support Black Terrorism while downplaying what Whites are doing. We may have brought them Christianity, but the Christianity they adopted and how it changed under Liberal, Communist and Jewish influence … is something very different. This just adds to my views here in Africa that all these things we brought to them and educated them with, was really a big waste of time. It also shows how, despite all the Multicultural propaganda on Earth, and all the Jewish lies you can imagine, that in the end THE BLOOD CALLS! Let this be a lesson for Whites. Learn to go to OUR BLOOD! I don't know who the author is of the article below, but it might well be a White. However, here is the madness of life under black rule. Can South Africa itself remain in one piece? I definitely do not think so. I think we, like the Americans, and later the British and Europeans, are entering an age of RACE WAR and CIVIL WAR! This is how multiculturalism ends. So here is a photo of a Black Christian, openly telling Blacks that God has showed him the future and they must prepare for a race war with Whites! Jan]

January 5, 2021

Another Bushiri - 'Apostle Mohlala' fans flames of uprising, encourages black Africans to buy guns. Photo: FacebookAnother Bushiri – ‘Apostle Mohlala’ fans flames of uprising, encourages black Africans to buy guns. Photo: Facebook

As if the “Prophet Bushiri” fiasco was not enough, a video has surfaced of a “Apostle Mohlala” where he tells a packed church crowd – no social distancing between congregants – that God has allowed him – of all people – to see the future “beyond 21”. The sermon was also streamed on the “church” Facebook page which has more than 117 000 likes.

The shocking aspect of this sermon is that Mohlala says that he has had a vision of a black man and a white man, which God has allowed him to see. He then further elaborates and tells his congregants, whilst dramatic music is playing in the background, that he saw the uprising of a “black child”. He further predicts a “serious revolution” because of course God has allowed him to see this.

One wonders what a serious revolution would entail because “our people” have been burning and destroying everything that are fixed or move for 26 years under the ANC, including clinics, schools, train stations, busses, trucks and other infrastructure. “Our people” have also been looting and destroying everything that once worked like Eskom, Transnet etc etc.

Yet they still need another revolution? To do what? Destroy what is left?

The “apostle” then says that in his vision he sees a return of the days of 1986 “where black people die like flies. As you can see typically #TheAfricanWay the “apostle” heavily leans on the victim card but he conveniently does not mention that the reality is that it is white people that are dying like flies – butchered, maimed and raped by black Africans on a daily basis.

The “apostle” eventually asks the black middle class who can afford it to buy guns because white people are already armed. If you listen to the video it is clear that this so called apostle is using the church pulpit to encourage violence and racial conflict. In typical #TheafricanWay fashion he lays no blame whatsoever before the door of the incompetent, criminal and looting ANC government or black behaviour in general. He just seems to play the victim card and buys into the prevailing atmosphere of violence, rudeness and facist revolution set by Julius Malema.

It once again shows the danger that the God industry, as taken over by “our people” poses. It once again proves that multiculturalism can not possibly work. “Our people” will just take everything that our forefathers brought into the country and use it as weapon against us.
We have to be physically separated from “our people” otherwise we will forever be their target and be painted as the villain and the devil. This is because they are not able to build a prosperous country but will never take responsibility for their actions. They will forever need a scapegoat to blame for their failures.

We as minorities, white and brown, have to have our own space where we can live according to our culture and in genuine awe before God.
Then black Africans, who are also immigrants to South Africa since their forebears also migrated south, can have their own space where they can turn their own place into a circus as much as they want.

Whatever the liberals say, water and oil don’t mix. Our identity and culture will never be able to survive in a multicultural setup. Without identity, a people can not survive. A people which loses their identity will become a footnote in history and become extinct. Rediscover who you are otherwise your children will not have an identity, culture and history to inherit.

It is late in the day if the black majority, which is easily whipped into a frenzy, is now being encouraged by black pastors to get ready for violent revolution. It is clear religion is being used against us as a weapon.

The liberals are doing the same thing, they are also busy with relentless efforts to interpret the Bible according to their own ideology.
We will have to draw the line somewhere and make it clear that we can not allow the word of God to be captured by those who want to destroy the small white minority in the south of Africa.

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