Phew! Finally, I can breath a sigh of relief….

Since the weekend, I’ve been working and battling on my latest software enhancements I wanted. I wanted to fix something very critical for me that helps me to communicate better. In the end, I wrote some of the weirdest programs I’ve yet written … and I’ve written some damned weird shit in my efforts to keep my sites working over the years. But even this was quite abnormal by even my standards.

I am feeling quite pleased with it all though.

I need to refine and tweak it, but I’m feeling pretty damned pleased.

I must say, the more I work with Linux, the more I love it. It has its issues, but on the whole, Linux is a great invention of the white man, and it will serve us very well for very long!

Now I can look at videos again!!!

I was delighted with the many compliments I got about the Battle of Carmona video about the Portuguese in Angola. I am very pleased. I wanted to do a good job and I want to show white men why we must no fear our enemies so much. Our enemies need to meet up with WHITE TERROR!

We’ve seen Jewish terror, communist terror and we’ve had a guts full of BLACK TERROR … get ready you mother f*ckers … WHITE TERROR IS COMING TO VISIT YOU… on a scale you sons of bitches cannot even begin to imagine!

Heil Hitler!!!

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