OFF THE GRID: Doing my first water tests at my house …

I’m feeling pretty pleased today. I had sorted out water on my property a few years ago as a few of you might remember. But I used my own water merely to water my garden. The whole thing was something of a hodge podge experiment from the beginning. I did it all on a shoestring budget (Boer/Rhodesian style). I used it a lot for my garden and it was very successful.

But due to budget constraints, I had bought a very cheap pump with a pressure system that was actually faulty. But for my purposes it was fine. However, it could never work for piping water into my house. Eventually, I got a cheap pressure system that actually worked and hooked it up today to also run some experiments. That was a few hours ago.

And I am so delighted with the results.

I just need to test the water quality for drinking.

I won’t be able to use it to get me totally off the grid just yet – because of electricity costs, etc.

But I am so pleased with my efforts. This can definitely work if we have serious water problems which could come in the future.

For now electricity is a much bigger issue. But when I could get this cheap solution recently, I grabbed it and I’m very pleased.

All my off the grid experiments have been fun and exciting and I have learned a lot from them. Getting off the grid is easier than people realise.

My next focus will be electricity. I already have solar power and a battery bank, but it’s far too little for the long term.

All this is good as I prepare for our extended time in the ABYSS!!!! 🙂

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