Nutty Black Politics: A Dumb White Afrikaans Radical Communist versus the Black Jewish President

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[This is really funny. Carl Niehaus is a White asshole of note. He's a Communist – a true radical madman, who is deeply in Black politics. But now he's a wild White radical. And he's even attacking the Black Jewish President. Hahahaha. This is so nutty. It is excellent that he's attacking the Black Jew Ramaphosa. I love this. Niehaus is on the side of Zuma, the Black Zulu Commie who wanted to kill the Whites and who is fighting the Black Jew. So this is all just internal strife among these anti-White bags of crap. This White guy is seriously radical, but what makes it funny is that he is at the center of the fighting that is between the Blacks. He's sided with the TRUE COMMUNISTS (ZUMA) as opposed to the Black Jew Ramaphosa who is also a commie, but he's the secret weapon of the "White" Jews. It's so crazy and messy and funny. And these people are getting SERIOUSLY ANGRY with each other. There are court cases and firings, etc. Now this White guy is trying to oust the freaking Black Jew! Hahaha. It's all very funny, and it's good for Whites to see the INTENSITY of the infighting among these old anti-White scum. It's good for Whites. we must just sit on the sidelines. Our day will come. Jan]

Ramaphosa must be charged and removed as president – Carl Niehaus

ANC members insist that president be treated as equal before the law

14 June 2022

Yesterday, 13 June 2022, Comrades Carl Niehaus and Sibusiso Hadebe, as ANC members, filed sworn affidavits at the Rosebank Police Station, in support of the charges of money laundering and corruption that Arthur Fraser laid against Cyril Ramaphosa on the 1st of June 2022. They did so specifically as ANC members insisting that Ramaphosa must – like every other citizen – be treated as equal before the law, and that the SAPS must carry out their duties without fear or favour and charge him.

This is part of a nationwide campaign of ANC members and South African citizens, throughout the country, mobilising and going to police stations to file supporting affidavits/charges insisting that Ramaphosa must be criminally charged, and that the ANC NEC must remove him as President of the ANC and the country.

Watch the YouTube video of Niehaus and Hadebe talking about the supporting affidavits that they have filed, as it appears on the #InMyCrosshairs YouTube channel:

Issued by Carl Niehaus, 14 June 2022


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