Nigerians in Nigeria hit back at South African business: Man shot, police vehicle burnt at Lagos Shoprite

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[The Nigerian blacks in South Africa were arming themselves and sending messages to the blacks in their home country to attack South African businesses because of the way black South Africans were attacking Nigerians in South Africa for the past 2 days! Excellent! Jan]

At least one Nigerian was feared killed by suspected police officers outside a Shoprite in Lagos.

Witnesses told PREMIUM TIMES a Nigerian man was shot at the Shoprite by Jakande Bus-Stop in the exquisite Lekki neighbourhood.

The identity of the victim was not immediately clear as of 5:30 p.m. Nigerians have gathered outside Shoprite, a major South African retailer, to protest the xenophobic violence against Nigerians across South Africa.

A police vehicle was also reportedly burnt in the fracas.

The xenophobic attacks targeting Nigerians and other nationals in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and other cities have left several people dead and businesses and private properties burnt.

South African authorities say they are responding promptly to curb the violence. More than 70 persons have been reportedly taken into custody since Monday.

Nigerians have expressed outrage about the attacks, urging President Muhammadu Buhari to take decisive punitive measures against South Africa. The president sent an envoy to South Africa on Tuesday for an on-the-ground assessment of the situation.

Predominant sentiment on Nigerian social media since Monday has been for Nigerians to retaliate against South African businesses in Nigeria, which cut across many sectors.

Lagos police spokesperson, Bala Elkana, told PREMIUM TIMES violence broke out at the Shoprite location in Lekki, but said it was being contained as of Tuesday evening.

“We are sending more enforcement to the area,” he added.

Flames of vehicles burnt at Shoprite in LagosFlames of vehicles burnt at Shoprite in Lagos

The police spokesperson said security measures at other South African businesses across Lagos have been heightened. Several South African businesses in Nigeria, including MultiChoice, have condemned the violence and preached unity amongst people on the continent.


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