New White Term: Hopium – Hooked on False Hope in all sorts of stupid forms

Another guy, on email, whose first name is "Arch" came up with the term Hopium. I love the term, and award him the "copyright" to it!!! He has a very negative view of Whites, and he talks about all this false hope.

This is a big topic and I also want to weigh in with my views on this. I will be using this word in the future. I love this term, which is clearly a take on Opium. It’s a brilliant observation.

What Whites need to do is to realise that we are being f*cked over, right there, in our faces. We as a race, as a people, are constantly being F*CKED seriously. We have enemies who are lying to us and doing all they can to destroy us. They lie to us. They deliberately screw us in 1001 different ways. I have been thinking about this so much lately – whether were are being deliberately screwed over, and f*cked over on an even grander scale than we realise?

But so many cling to false hope, and false hope is fed to Whites endlessly. I have been watching this especially with the stolen election of 2020 and the many MAGA, Trump types who were hoping things would change and that Trump would do stuff. I even see others hoping for a Military coup d’etat – as they cling to false hope.

I keep telling them that in South Africa and Rhodesia we had these moments too where we were just plain f*cking lied to. Just plain BIG F*CKING LIES right at the end, and in the end, you’re screwed and your life is destroyed.

Christians are endlessly hyped up on all kinds of false hope.

Whites need to settle down and forget about false hope. The ANSWER is HARD WORKD AND STRUGGLE. There is no other way. BUT WE CAN DO IT.

Stop smoking the hopium … focus on REALITY … we can do amazing things. We have the brains and even the courage to do amazing things, but it requires WORK and RISK.

Stop hoping God, Aliens, Trump, Jesus will save us.

Go out and buy a weapon and learn how to shoot. Start studying technology and law and how to build and fix things. Learn how to speak to other Whites and get your message across despite Jewish Big Tech f*cking you up your ass.


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