My Latest Electrical problems … damaged equipment… – My Internet connection

Just a note: I had some bad luck yesterday. We had rolling blackout and when I switched on my solar power, I got errors on my inverter. I fiddled and faddled around and to my horror, my Inverter burned out. Luckily it was a cheap Chinese inverter, so I’ll replace it. By cheap I mean its much cheaper than one that comes from the West. Even so, its not enjoyable losing it.

I later discovered that one of my UPS (uninterruptible power supplies), was in a very bad state and actually not functioning properly. I’m quite convinced that the damaged UPS may have resulted in the inverter burning out.

So I found myself running for 3 hours on the generator – which I try to avoid.

My internet connection, my Plan B, is running ok. But I have to be careful. I’m chewing up more data than I had expected to.

But I am online. I’m just very annoyed at losing my inverter. I’m rushing to the Chinese shop today to get a new one.

However, this is also part and parcel of learning how to run things and fixing things. I had wanted to have first hand, hands-on experience with dealing with these things. In the long run its cheaper than paying other people. Otherwise solar would be totally unaffordable for me.

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