My Govt Surveillance advice to a British supporter: Microsoft Office is spying on you & The Germany Army & NSA backdoors in Windows

[This is from a message I sent to a supporter who was very concerned that Microsoft Office was spying on you. Jan]

Regarding spying. Ask me anything. I’m not a first class expert, but as a computer programmer this is one of the first things I’ve studied. In fact, I just posted an article on my sites about it because have a scare going around currently about spying. I suspect its psy warfare. But in here, I’ve just published stuff about spying and some of what we know here in Africa. This will give you an idea about the power of spying. I suspect GHQ has got all of the UK and the Commonwealth sewn up because I think they also liaise with Australia and Canada. I think the UK has a huge spy network. But the Europeans surely are also very sorted out on this matter.

Here is a link to the article I just published, and in it is a link to the kind of scare stuff we are getting currently:

I know a lot more. Also read this:

That contains my own personal experiences. Everything in there happened to me.

Feel free to share my stuff with others who are on our side.

About your Microsoft Error:

If Microsoft Office is spying on you, YOU WON’T EVEN KNOW IT! The same is true of any spying. People think that they’ll hear noises or funny stuff on the line. NO! You will not see any errors … NOTHING. You won’t even know you’re being spied on. Zilch. Its that slick. The white man’s Technology and Science works extremely well.

So don’t think you will know you’re being spied on. You’ll know nothing. You’ll think everything is normal.

I once came across an article issued by the German army, that, sadly, I never published. So this is from memory. The Germany army issued a statement about 15 years ago, that they were going to phase Windows operating system out of the German army because it had “back doors” in it. They said they would contract Siemens to write an operating system especially for the German army.

That was the first time I heard an official announcement that Windows had BACK DOORS built into it. I suspect therefore, that any Windows PC or device that is connected to the Internet can be accessed directly by the NSA.

It is very probable that EVERY operating system, including Google’s Android phone OS, Mac, etc ALL have some kind of backdoors for the NSA.

This topic of security is one I’ve dug into many times with friends. We even once found a company in the UK that creates special spy-proof Linux laptops and sells them.

If any OS is spy free, its probably Linux – but I cannot be certain of that. The NSA could easily have slipped some code into Linux that we don’t know about.

Another friend of mine has told me that your hard disk itself can also spy on you. I’ve not verified this, but this might be possible.

Over the years, when my friends and I have discussed this topic of spying and how to protect yourself, we’ve come to only one conclusion:

If you want to access data on your Pc that you truly want to keep private, then you must have a PC that is not connected to the Internet. It must be physically impossible for the device to connect to the internet. It must not just be software that you turn on or off. It has to be a PC that does not have wifi and does not have a physical cable. And any disk drives or flash drives you use, must NEVER be plugged into any Pc or laptop that you connect to the Internet. It must be PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for it to connect to the Internet. That is the only hope.

Even then, if, for some reason the Govt still wants to intercept your PC, they can park a vehicle across the road from you which picks up your key strokes on your device.

To be honest with you, if you must write something down that you don’t want the Govt to see – pick up a pen or pencil and write it on a piece of paper!!!

The other thing to keep in mind, is that despite all kinds of advanced technology, the Government will only focus their extreme resources on you if they determine that you are some kind of actual threat. In the end, even they do not have the time and money to spy on everyone and everything.

A Jew in Israel who was in counter intelligence once also told me that if you buy certain books from Amazon you might be put on a list. So it is possible that there are many things that you can do that could cause the Govt to begin zooming in on you. It could start with something like the mere fact that you visit MY WEBSITE or other websites, etc.

Hiding is very hard if the Govt wants to know. But as I say, there is a limit to all of it.

In Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, the country, to this day is filled with spies – black spies spying on everyone. And no matter how paranoid the Govt is, it has its down sides.

I think with the Jews we are/will reach the limit of logic and tolerance.

What does help is when whites help each other covertly. In the end, whites can still survive the system. So don’t get despondent. Spying is a really old game. Its been going on for thousands of years. If spies and Police want to know the truth they will find it. Napoleon set up a spy system and he told his spy master: “Spy on everyone except me”. And he had a great spy system.

But in the end, what will the Jews in London and Washington want? That everyone who clicks on a website goes to jail or is executed? There are going to be LIMITS to what the Police, the spies, the secret services and the military will do. They will draw the line at certain points. I think we are getting to that state.

The Soviet Union, Zimbabwe, Cuba, China and every Jewish communist state was filled to the brim with spies and … in the end, even they have their limitations. From my own experiences with the Zimbabweans, I can tell you that it messes everyone up and eventually nobody trusts anyone else.

Finally, I’ve spoken to people who have been on trial in Germany over Internet stuff, and I am very impressed with the way things actually work. In the end, if they want to put you in jail, they will PHYSICALLY TAKE YOUR MACHINE from you. To me, that is a good sign … a great sign. That even in a country as technically competent as Germany, that they did not just rely on remote logging and remote monitoring. Perhaps this is a German-only thing. If so, it pleases me greatly.

With the Jewish scum, yes, the paranoid bastards will want our every move monitored and if they could get our heads chopped off (literally) they would. But I think the game is reaching the end. Police, etc will ask themselves how far they really want to go. I think that reasonable white men and women will draw the line as to how far they will go.

There is some encryption advice I can give you – that I’ve picked up from people I knew who were in the NSA, etc. Some encryption can be useful and it is possible. There are a few useful services that are potent. You can NEVER truly trust electronic stuff – but this is as good as it gets.

I would urge you to take what precautions you think are necessary, and just realise that everyone is being spied on. And should we keep our mouths shut just because we’re being spied on? If you are plotting something illegal then… yeah … you’re treading down a dangerous path. But if you are just talking and communicating the facts about the Jews and history and you’re not causing trouble, then I think we must soldier on. Will they put you in jail just because you passed a video or pdf to someone? And I bet you, that you’re not alone.

I have always, in the end chosen the importance of spreading the information over the down side of keeping the info to myself. If I stop communicating, then the result is terrible. Info that whites could have had, is then lost. So I ALWAYS MAKE NOISE rather than choose silence. Silence is DEATH. And I’m serious about that.

I urge all whites: Take whatever risks you feel are reasonable … BUT SPREAD THE MESSAGE. If we stop spreading the message, the Jews will destroy us. Talking and communicating is the ONLY HOPE FOR OUR SURVIVAL. WE MUST DO IT AT ALL COSTS.

NB: I’m going to spread a book that the KGB wrote for the blacks of South Africa to work secretly against the whites. In there, the basic principles of covert activity are discussed, and I think we’ve reached the point where ALL WHITES EVERYWHERE NEED TO LEARN THIS STUFF. Some simple spy work – so that whites understand the basic principles. I’ll do some audios on it and release the small book.

I hope this helps you.

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