#TimeToKill: My Angry reply to an Afrikaans Christian who says fighting in South Africa is impossible – God is punishing us Whites

[On a page where I originally asked for info on Simon Roche, a man wrote this to me which I don’t tolerate these days. I used to entertain this Christian kind of loser thinking, but I’m free of that. First see what he wrote to me, and then you’ll see my angry response. Jan]

4th June 2017 at 5:34 pm
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Hi Jan

You don’t have to post this message, but I think if you have any fear of any kind, you should shed it…
Just because your youtube channels got banned, does not mean Simon was behind it / or that he has connections with jews.
Maybe he does, maybe not.. i do not know, but what I do know you canceled an interview with Simon, and we could have gotten information that we might not have known about… Maybe you felt you gonna cross lines you told yourself you not going to cross (spirituality / or faith)

Sometimes when you fear something you need to embrace it.. We are all confused in these time, we get more paranoid because our enemies are waiting for us at every corner…

Maybe it was that british newspaper agency that reported you, but regardless of what happened WE CANNOT TURN AGAINST EACH OTHER.

And please don’t get me wrong, I am 200% behind you!! Please in the future do not cancel something because you lost interest.. Let it be the fuel to your fire, to destroy those who stand behind the jews… DO NOT SHOW YOUR ENEMIES YOUR WEAKNESS.

It’s not about South Africa anymore, this place IS like Siener van Rensburg said , blacks will be everywhere, dressed in women clothes… The fact of the matter is, WE have allowed this abomination to spread like this…
Don’t you think it is our punishment from GOD because we allowed these homosexuals and rapists run rampant????

I asked you before your youtube got banned, what is the use staying in SA?
fight for what? there is no freedom, no peace… What is the use you stay in SA, and render help to your enemies?
Because if every white man, women andf child pack up and move to europe or america,
that would damage the blacks/jews more than any gun would…

And this is what is going to happen in SA and the rest of the world if we DO NOT STICK TOGETHER.
We are being told my these – heretics – how we should live our lives, and what standards to accept…
Everyone in this country has lost all hope, and that is what going to happen in Europe and USA if we do not get the message out. Simon is trying to get the message out, and for you to say we all have guns in SA to defend ourselves is a lie.. because maybe a lot of boers have guns… but not me and I bet you 80% of the normal citizens don’t have.

I have witnessed maybe 3 months back, maybe 300+ black men in red clothes march past in my street 6:30 am in the morning..
They are planning for something, and to say “oh we just drive down to a shop , and break in to get food” is another lie, because you know very well those places will be over run and looted by blacks… WHITES DO NOT STAND A CHANCE…!!!!
YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO “JUST GO PUT FUEL FOR FREE” . you think the blacks won’t guard them?

This is not some 5 year board old game, where the 5yr old got an AK 47, but will not go secure key places…

I said it before as well, mandela’s prison number was 4 – 666 – 4 … SINCE YOU KNOW THE BIBLE, YOU WILL KNOW THAT IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST… i mean we work with these blacks every day, and you know it… they only have alcohol, sex, and drugs on their minds… they do not care if they destroy us, or the earth… and the jews love this, because they sit in Sandton in their mansions while the rest of us struggle and die every day…

So Jan, I ask you as a friend you do not know… Please can we stand together… otherwise divided we going to fall…
If we cannot rid the earth of these heretics(jews and niggers), then what is there for us to live for?
Just because they are christians, and most of sieners stuff came true, wouldn’t it be naive to dismiss all the things he said?
I am not saying have faith in Siener or in jesus, maybe try having faith in Odin..
We as a white race have always been one with nature, and in return nature feeds us and give us peace…
We are losing, and not just in SA .. all over the world, because if you say anything against a jew or kaffir, then you are a “racist”

We have to stand together Jan, even if you do not agree with christians, we are still from the same blood..
And as a matter of fact, the jews did write the new testament, but you know where they got the story from?

A long time ago Loki killed Balr, and balr went to hell. Hell was always a dark place, until balr came into this world.
This is where christianity came from.. Balr the shining one.. Balr the Sun, who has risen again..
It is not about the white man, it is all about nature… those who look after the earth, will inherit it..
so it is our task to destroy those who harm mother earth… and I am not a “hippie” or anything, that is just what it boils down to.
Most people have given up what they truly believe in for some mythical jewish stories… and this is where we all need to be as sharp as a double edged sword, instead of canceling an interview because you “lost interest”, rather go at it with everything you got… but in a good way, so that the one who is living in the hazy religion realize how they are wasting their time and join you.

Anyway, hope you have an awesome evening and release a new video soon.

Take care

Alex Linder would call the above “childish nonsense” and I would agree with him. Here’s my angry reply to him:
jlamprecht Post author
29th March 2018 at 8:24 am
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You write a lot of confused Christian stuff. You’re looking for an excuse to do nothing. That’s what you’re looking for. And nobody is forcing you to do anything. If you want to do nothing then do nothing. You are also very confused by your Christian stuff. God’s punishment to whites, blah blah. Whatever the weakness of the Boer/Afrikaner, the fact is, as a human being, these people have tried their best to carry out the impossible requirements of Christianity. This Christianity is filled with all kinds of nonsense, like end times rubbish. End Times rubbish is something the Jews put in the Bible when they intended to destroy the Ancient Greeks (Book of Daniel) and the Romans (Revelations). This is merely Jewish psychological warfare aimed at revolutions that were carried out centuries ago. The Book of Revelation was written quite some time after Jesus. I think scientists have established that it was written around 100AD and scientists will tell you that the Book of Revelation was written specifically aimed at the Roman Empire. That is the empire they were trying to destroy back then.

You write about various 666 and other stuff which I have long ago lost total interest in.

Christianity is a SLAVE RELIGION. Christianity is a religion for the people at the bottom of society. It is a religion that teaches ONLY OBEDIENCE – like you teach a slave or a dog. Christianity says: “Render unto Caesar what is Caesars”. Christianity also responsible for “The divine right of Kings” – that the King is the King because God ordained it so therefore you must never rise up against the King. Christianity is all about obedience and just bearing burdens while being screwed by others. Christianity takes weakness and glorifies it. Christianity glorifies weakness and failure while making strength and health a sinful activity. So if you conquer someone then you’re evil. But if someone conquers you then you deserved what you got.

You really need to study Nietzsche, which we will do in coming videos and then you’ll learn about why Nietzsche, the great German philosopher, called Christianity “the preachers of death”. Christianity is a DEATH CULT. Christians are always WAITING TO DIE. And here you are writing in exactly that same vein.

You say most whites don’t have guns. But I have a friend who has been in Gun associations for very long and he and I have discussed many times approximately how many guns we do indeed have. It is true that its nothing like what we need or should have, but we’re also not totally disarmed despite the efforts of the ANC to destroy all gun ownership in South Africa.

A HUGE MISTAKE you’re making in your analysis is to assume that our enemies are effective and can do anything the hell they want and we cannot. Our problem is not that we can’t. Its that we WON’T. Its not that we’ve tried and failed; its that we’ve never tried at all.

I think you’re just a Christian Death Cultist waiting to die and you’re hoping that your big break comes WHEN YOU DIE! This is the thinking of a Christian, and whites need to snap out of this type of stuff.

The white race never was this useless. Our past was glorious. It was bloody, but we got a lot done and we never feared our enemies. It is the height of madness that we now fear the blacks. This is a situation that has been deliberately engineered for us, by the (((elite))) of the world. The same people who want us whites in South Africa DESTROYED are the same SCUM that want to see Europe destroyed and who say that Europe has no future.

Your calls for us to work together are based on a request that we just sit down together, talk about nothing significant and maybe we all sit and just cry together while waiting to die. I’m afraid that is NOT my attitude to this.

I repeat that we whites must *FIGHT* for every square inch of South Africa and what we can’t keep, we must BLOW UP or BURN IT DOWN. But we give NOTHING MORE, not one grain of sand to the blacks more than we have. We’ve already given up far too much and this insanity and defeatism must be stopped. If even only a few of us stand our ground I am convinced it will hurt the enemy.

If you still cannot understand “Blood and Soil” – which is the credo of the White Race in ALL our civilisations and nations and which has worked for us for aeons, then you have learned nothing. Then it seems to me you need a good solid lesson in WHY we are a Blood and Soil people and why we must NOT abandon it here in South Africa.

The Boer/Afrikaner has been struggling since 1835 for his independence and now you advocate surrender and fleeing? Do you have no respect for the struggle of those who came before us? Will you throw their suffering for us into the wind? Have you no respect for their suffering that they bore for us?

You have been infused with too much (((Liberal))) defeatism. You are spending too much time listening to our enemies and you have no conception of what is possible. Furthermore, you are completely wrong in your ideas about HOW we whites can and will unite. Its been done before. It WILL be done again and its even possible that this time, we’ll do it on a greater scale than its ever been done before.

Clearly I need to do more videos about the Race War. I only did 2 and was half way through making the third. In total I think I’ll need about ten of them at least. I also will do videos later on white military history. You have no conception of the power of the white male when he is organised and functioning like a Lion. These worthless scum, communist blacks, spoilt brat pieces of shit who think they can take us … what these black scum need is to meet the STEEL FIST of the WHITE MALE in a way that they’ve not known since the Battle of Blood River. Its time we reminded the blacks of who they are screwing with.

I was here in the 1980s and the white bent over backwards for these blacks. They bent over backwards to NOT KILL AS MANY OF THEM AS THEY COULD. Its time we turned around and bit these blacks hard and showed them what the white male can do and let them go and pick their way through the corpses and the dead of their own. We should be leaving piles of dead blacks everywhere as a reminder that we are white people descended from Europeans and we’re not here to be toyed with. There should be nothing left of dog shit like Julius Malema except for some blood spatter to mark where he finished the last moments of his existence. These blacks have had it too easy for too long and its time white males visited them with a good, solid, dose of reality!

If you don’t want to be part of it then stand aside. I repeat: Its well overdue that the blacks here meet the STEEL FIST of the white man in a way they’ve not experienced in 200 years. That steel fist will knock some serious REALITY into them. And they need that badly. We’ll be doing them a favour by kicking their teeth out and showing them that we are NOT to be toyed with.

PS: We have *LOTS* of *KILLING* to do to make up for all the white men, women and children murdered by blacks over the last 24 years. That alone means we must start by killing at least 100,000 blacks at the outset. That’s our DUTY to those who have died. We, as whites must NOT let our dead go unavenged. And if the truth be told, we should be killing ten of them for every one of ours they murdered. Then we can all it quits and say that’s FAIR!!!

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