Monitoring my Website instability… concerned about hackers…

Just a note: I was very concerned by the 30 minutes or so of downtime in the early hours of this morning. I was monitoring my server closely – by pure luck and did not like what I saw. Things settled down.

I have however to write some software so that I can monitor my website instability more closely.

I had serious concerns because this is exactly what happened on the day my server totally shut down a few weeks back. I was worried that I’m heading down the same path again, without any answers to the technical problems that I was experiencing.

If anyone out there is knowledgeable about MYSQL on Linux, please drop me a line.

At the moment I’m also running very far behind on replies to people but I’ll be diving back into that in the coming days.

I am desperately trying to sort out server issues so I can shut some things down and try to save some money.

I have been saying all year long that I need to take care of certain infrastructure stuff and I am desperately trying to get most of the urgent stuff done by the year end.

It’s been a very hectic year. It’s definitely been the wildest year of my 20 years of running websites.

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