Meet the Jewish Billionaire Who Controls the Media and ‘Opposition’ Parties in South Africa

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[The writer of this article knows a lot about South Africa. This is probably written by someone here. But there are also some misconceptions, which add to the indication that this article is written in SA.

Most whites in SA do NOT realise it, but the most JEWISH CONTROLLED POLITICAL PARTY IS THE DA (Democratic Alliance). These are the “good liberals” who support freedom, etc, etc. All nonsense. The DA is the most Jewish political party in South Africa. It is Jewish from top to bottom – but the Jews decided some years ago to put a black face on the front of it. Probably 99% of the “white” Jews of South Africa vote for this political party. 

The writer below is horrified that the EFF of Malema and the DA can actually be supported by the same crowd – but actually that is no surprise to me. I have been pointing this out for quite some time. In fact, from about 2012, the Jews had planned to seize control of South Africa in this election by using the DA and its links to other parties. 

The political party Agang is another joke. Agang will never amount to anything, but it too was born of a Jewish conspiracy. It is built around the persona of a black woman who worked for the world bank or something of that ilk. The party was a big flop. The Jews at one time planned to MERGE the DA and Agang into one and it went VERY WRONG. It blew up nicely in their faces. 

BUT BEWARE OF THE “GOOD DA”. Most whites vote for it and its insane. Most whites in South Africa do not know that they are voting for the single most Jewish (and deceitful, two-faced political party imaginable. Jan]

Some might call Nathan Kirsh the ‘George Soros of Africa,’ yet another international, state-less billionaire Jew who funds radical, anti-White socialist ‘opposition’ causes, such as South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) lead by Julius Malema, while his family also exerts enormous control over Primedia, the largest media conglomerate in South Africa:

Two opposition parties EFF and the Democratic Alliance (DA) together with the DA’s MP Advocate Glynnis Breytenbach, are being funded by Nathan Kirsh, the director and owner of Israel’s Magal Security Systems which is complicit in the construction of Israel’s illegal apartheid wall. Lord Renwick of Clifton who is a friend of Kirsh met the EFF in London in 2015.

It should be noted that the Breytenbach case was funded through the FW de Klerk Foundation—- a foundation of Mr de Klerk, South Africa’s last apartheid President. Kirsh thought such an ingenious funding of Breytenbach will not be detected. Moreover, cases against the government are funded through endowment funds from Kirsh and Lord Renwick. It should be clear now why the EFF is ganging up with the DA in hung metros of JHB and Tshwane.

Nathan Kirsh left South Africa in 1986 to settle in Swaziland in the mid-1980s. At the time of his departure he had benefitted greatly from apartheid. He is now a resident of New York and London where he is teamimg up with Lord Renwick a blesser of the EFF who is hell-bent on pushing regime change in Southern Africa.

Magal Security Systems was founded in 1969 as a department of the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). In 1984 Magal Security Systems was established as a private company, with some shares still held by IAI but with 24.2% of Magal Security System shares being held by Nathan Kirsh, through holdings in Mira Mag and KiCorporation, both of the companies are registered in Liberia. The 24.2% stake in Magal Security Systems makes Nathan Kirsh its largest shareholder, Kirsh is also the Director of the company. Nathan Kirsh’s Magal Security Systems in September 2002 won 80% of the tenders (totalling 19 million USD) published by the Israeli Ministry of Defence to install detection systems along 150 KM of Israel’s apartheid wall in the Israeli Occupied Palestinian West Bank. Israel’s Apartheid Wall was deemed illegal by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in 2004 thus making Magal Security Systems and its Director, Nathan Kirsch, complicit in criminal activity. Following the 2004 ruling by the ICJ, two Danish companies, the Danske Bank and the Pensioner Bank (PKA) both decided to withdraw all investments from Magal Security System.

How can EFF, the DA and the DA’s MPs accept monies from, basically, a criminal, Nathan Kirsh? EFF, the DA and the then Democratic Alliance’s parliamentary candidate Glyniss Breytenbach (who received 6,3 million from Nathan Kirsh) are basically being funded off criminal Israeli activity. How can the DA and Agang expect voters to support them if they are receiving money that was made off the oppression of the Palestinian people?

Firstly, it’s a moral question but, secondly, the DA and EFF will most definitely be constrained by their funder to tow a pro-Israeli agenda (and a pro-Israeli agenda is an anti-Palestinian, anti-human rights agenda). In addition, EFF and the DA will be constrained by their funder to oppose the progressive Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel campaign. The DA and EFF are basically lap dogs of an Israeli imperialist agenda. A government which pursues apartheid policies in the 21 century!

Primedia, often a critic of the ANC, is owned by the brother of Nathan Kirsh, Mr. Issie Kirsh. Nathan Kirsh’s nephew, William Kirsh is the CEO of Primedia. We wonder whether Primedia and its LeadSA campaign will come out definitively condemning Nathan Kirsh’s involvement in Israel’s illegal Apartheid Wall and his backing of EFF through Lord Renwick and the DA through profits made from criminal Israeli activity.

The writer of the piece above is clearly disillusioned to find that the promised ‘socialist revolution’ in South Africa, headed by the ANC, with support from the EFF and DA, is being controlled, one way or another, by the vast wealth of this pro-Zionist Jew who doesn’t even live in South Africa. And with the jewish control of the mainstream media in South Africa, through the Kirsh family hand in Primedia, it’s no wonder that all the Black leadership, from President Ramaphosa down to ‘radical’ Julius Malema, are all beholden to jewish money and influence.

This is the same political tightrope that Jews are playing all across the globe, as they fund radical socialist causes which naturally oppose the brutal Zionist regime in Israel. It would appear that these anti-White parties in South Africa will continue to receive jewish funding as long as they maintain a pro-Israel, pro-jewish stance. And if Malema won’t do it, Kirsh will find a Black radical lackey who will. Jews like Kirsh have no problem with the theft of White land and the murder of the White farmers as long as the Blacks recognize the hidden hand that feeds them.


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