Medium and Small White Businesses are being wiped out across the world…

I was just informed about the many problems of Farmers in New Zealand. And it seems to me the Liberal bitch, race-traitor, in charge of New Zealand is busy with many things that are killing their farmers.

But as a general remark, there is a GLOBAL WAR ON THE WHITE FARMER IN EVERY COUNTRY it seems to me – including the USA.

But one thing that’s very apparent is that the rich, the Jews and corporates, seem to be using their superior financial power and business power to DESTROY lots of medium and small businesses. Here in South Africa it is particularly bad.

But I think as a general trend, along with COVID, Liberals, Jews and assorted junk … it seems to me that medium and small White businesses should be careful.

I really think Whites with a bit of money that they’ve worked hard to earn, are in the sights of the enemy…

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