Map & Chart: Of the Zuma Riots & Violence as at start of 14th July 2021

[Here is a map and a chart of the actual violence. The violence is in a very geographically limited area. In the map, on the top left, it is centring on Johannesburg where I live. The other centre is by the coast in Zulu territory, centred on the port city of Durban. I think it peaked on Monday. On Monday, a lot of non-Whites who live in the townships were unable to go to work. But today, many of them began going to work. It could in theory flare up, but it could be that it has peaked actually. The total number of incidents country-wide as per the chart is 130. I suspect that the worst is over. I will be most surprised if any violence continues by the end of the week. If that is the case then there would have to be more serious forces at work. But I think we’ve seen the worst by far. I am curious to see how many days any violence can continue. At this stage it does not seem as if it will last long. Jan]

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