MAJOR SERVER PROBLEM: All my Websites have been down for at least 6 hours…


Just a note. I’ve been working through the night. I discovered late last night that HistoryReviewed and AfricanCrisis were down. In fact, all the main websites were down including white-shop.

My database on my server had failed and nothing I could do could start it up.

So I have spent several hours creating a new server and moving everything there.

I see AfricanCrisis is not fully online again, but at least one of the HistoryReviewed domains is back online.

It was quite a hideous problem, but I think I might also now have an insight into why this occurred.

I will catch up on postings much later today.

I was very concerned. I thought I’d had my website hacked. But it does not appear to be so. It seems to be a technical issue.

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