Lovely Email from Australian supporter about Hitler, Trial Crimen inJEWria, South Africa & Pan European Unity!

Here is a lovely message sent to me by an Australian:

Uncle Adolf is, I just know, smiling down on you from Heaven Jan! This shows you’re over the target, mate. Keep your chin up. You are an absolute inspiration and light years ahead of the luke warm pussyfooters on the net. I love the way you speak truth with a capital T. This Crimen injuria thing sounds so flimsy and bogus it’s almost comical. I very much doubt this will amount to anything but if it goes ahead all of your supporters will, to quote Walt Whitman, "sound our barbaric yawps from the rooftops of the world !" You’re always welcome here in Aussie. We love South Africans over here and our savages aren’t as dangerous as yours. As a kid I remember admiring guys like Graeme Pollock and Barry Richards, and of course the Springboks were always gold. When they were White. On that subject, I have a file comparing the Rugby and Cricket teams of South Africa, Australia, England in the 1960’s to the national teams of those 3 countries today. The infiltration of blacks and Polynesians into all our teams is ridiculous. The Wallabies are now only about 40% White so I no longer support them because they no longer represent me. I also found pictures of the Chinese football teams from the 1960’s and compared it to the team of today & of course are still 100% Chinese. Also all the African teams are still 100% African. So patently & pathetically obvious that ‘Diversity’ is a one way street. I really believe in the PAN-EUROPA idea. I am making a video of my White inventions and will put it up on BitChute soon. I am purposely not displaying the countries these inventors came from, but simply showing that they all have White faces which really hits home much more strongly. PAN-EUROPA is definitely the way to go. We are nearly there if we can just wake up enough of our white men and rebuild their spirit for ultimately as you know Jan, this is a spiritual battle we are fighting here. The Jews hate your courage & goodness & TRUTH.

My reply:
Your lovely message made me smile. I’m going to post it.

In my own chaos and trying to get so many things done, I’m behind on the inventions stuff and many other things. So if you do the inventions video please send me a link. I might use it.

I like your Australian spirit. It’s amazing how these sons of bitches have been trying to corner you folks and turn you into pussies, which you folks never have been.

And yes: Pan-European Nationalism brother! All for one, and one for all! Heil Hitler!

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