One thought on “Lost Christianities: The 80 versions of Christianity & 159 apocryphal books that disappeared

  • 10th Nov 2019 at 9:04 am

    If we do a little study we will relies why these books were rejected. The claim for an inspired holy scripture was paramount to the success of Christianity. The early church had a form of Cannon which were the books widely in circulation. Jesus warned ravenous wolves would come from within so they we to test the spirits to see if they were of God. You test a spirit by the revealed known scripture for they were inspired by the Holy Spirit. Scholars are well aware from the 1st and second century most of the disputed books were ignored or disposed in the garbage bin of history. Go read the extra biblical books of the Old Testament they are clear to the observant mind not to be worthy of the Cannon. So few repeaters ever go and read to satisfy themselves of their perennial lies but instead continue to hack away at the root of the tree. Jesus always quotes from scripture that was recognized authoritative and not from apocryphal. The Jews had a long history of trying to pervert the message of God. Jesus prophecies the destruction of Jerusalem because they killed the prophetic messengers. Jeremiah was clear about a lying scribes but still the message was preserved through the test of a prophet. He had to speak in accordance with the past texts and his words had to come true. Clearly when a non scholar rejects the weight of evidence and scholarship through the ages and tries to force an bias unbecoming of the facts we should enlighten the lost soul. Jan I urge you focus on your enemy and not God and the Christians you have a ready made army of conservatives. Christians fought in every war including Rhodesia and South Africa. So why do you allow Linde who seems to speak like a serpent to influence you mind so. We are one people not in spite of our religion. Here is why did you know that anthropology still uses the Table of Nations as a guide to the distribution of cultures and nations. Well that an eye opener as evolutionists minds still try to tell us our grandpas were monkeys. Try tell that to a black man he know you are talking shit. Like begets like and so man begets man in procreation. Yes the bible is true and you evolutionist hate us for following the truth.


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