Lock-Down Economic Collapse: Big Famous South African companies are hitting the wall at full speed


I was talking to a Portuguese guy shop owner who has a big shop and he employs a lot of Black employees. He has 38 in fact. I noticed that his big butchery staff had literally disappeared. So I asked him what happened. He told me that due to business being so bad that he needed to cut back on his workers, so he decided to tell them: I’m not going to fire any of you. Instead, I will cut your working hours and that way you’ll all still earn a salary. But then one of the Blacks in the butchery, became the leader of a "rebellion". He insisted that the owner must instead retrench (fire) people and keep staff at full hours. All the other butchery staff agree to this. So in the end, after following the legal processes, the owner fired the 9 butchery staff. He said that now, some of the black female staff have returned to him complaining that they can’t get work and that they’re standing at the Government labour department from the morning right into the afternoon every day without luck. But the owner said, he had told the blacks they could all have kept their jobs if they just accepted a pay cut because business is really bad.

Big businesses, that are household names, and famous names in South Africa have been hitting the wall. I was reading recently that the biggest cinema group in Africa, Ster-Kinekor has shut down totally.

The Portuguese owner told me that Bidvest, a famous investment company is bust and that even American Express is bust.

Personally, I don’t care for these Globalist, Liberal scumbag companies so I say good riddance.

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