Jimmy Carter’s Pathetic Apology To Rhodesia & Capt Joe C Smith About Mugabe – My Comments

[Captain Joe Smith fought in Rhodesia. I used to know him and met him, but we differ about the Jews. However, he continually stands up for Rhodesia. This is the "apology" – for what it is worth that he got from the worthless dirtbag President Carter for helping to destroy us. Jan]

Editor: This article continues the series about the ‘Betrayal’ of Anti-Communist Rhodesia by her natural allies including the United States of America – at the height of the Cold War. Joe Columbus Smith who is the ‘reader’ mentioned, is an American volunteer who honorably served with 1RAR, the Rhodesian African Rifles, fighting Communist Terrorists after Vietnam. Images have been added.

Jimmy Carter Replies To Reader About Mugabe
Via Rense.com From Jan Lamprecht AfricanCrisis, 31 July 2007

Captain Joe Columbus Smith (left) with with Platoon Sargent Major Wilson of the 1RAR in 1977.

Jan Lamprecht writes:

A regular American reader on my website, who I believe also fought in Rhodesia, wrote a letter directly to Jimmy Carter. Carter’s handwritten reply can just be made out, wherein he says that he did condemn Mugabe. Not that it amounts to much… but I suppose it’s better than doing NOTHING!

Reply enlarged, the full letter is shown below.

I confirm, that from our [Rhodesia’s] viewpoint, Andrew Young was a total jerk of the highest order. In THE PIED PIPER, by Dr Richard Cummings, it is recorded that Andrew Young fought with Allard Lowenstein over installing Mugabe. Lowenstein did not want Mugabe in, but Young disagreed. Young said to Lowenstein they must “get rid of the whites” and “worry about the consequences later”!

Well… it is now *LATER*… and the whites are gone and the country is a complete flipping RUIN thanks to Andrew Young’s appointee. Thank YOU Andrew Young – you complete prick!

Racist Ambassador Andrew Young, cherry picked mass murderer Marxist Mugabe because he was black and an extreme anti-white racist; despite also being a servant of the anti-American Communist Chinese Party.
Lowenstein’s “Liberal” values prove yet again to be a stepping stone to the destruction of Christian Western values and nations in favour of Communist dictatorship.

Before too long, I will publish an eBook written by a school chum of mine who served in the Zimbabwe Police from 1981-1984, and who FIRST HAND picked up the bodies and remains of many black Matabele people whom Mugabe had slaughtered. Some of the atrocities will shock you… I’d say it is even more hideous than the beheadings which the terrorists in the Middle East love so much. When I see Joe’s anger below at Carter and Young – well – when people see what my school chum wrote about the first few years of Mugabe’s rule, you will see that he was a monster from the outset – just as we whites said all along.

And by the way, African Americans know less than nothing about Southern Africa, and let it be on their heads that Robert Mugabe is now in power there.

This was the email Joe cc’d to me along with the photo:-

Joeseph C. Smith

As I see it, Sands, Jimmy Carter, on the recommendation of his UN Ambassador, Dr. Andrew Young, employed the full force of the CIA under Stansfield Turner to:

1. Topple Rhodesia and,

2. Install R. Mugabe.

3. Record and blackball “yanks” serving in The Rhodesian Forces.

This treachery ALSO involved supplying Mugabe’s side (and no doubt Nkomo) with every bit of military intelligence they could gather about Rhodesian military operations.

Marxist Mugabe ZANU terrorists were supported by the Chinese Communist Party from the East. From the west, tiny Rhodesia also had to fight the Soviet and East German backed Nkomo and ZIPRA. They both wanted dictatorship rights over BLACK and white people.

Andrew Young championed lifelong Marxist Mugabe over all the horses in the race. Young selected the most sinister – Mugabe – and pressured UK’s foreign sec. Dr. David Lamb to GO WITH MUGABE. (Young also pressured Mugabe to run in the SECOND majority election circa April ’80. You will remember Mugabe boycotted the FIRST). According to Robin Moore in his WHITE TRIBE Dr. Lamb acquiesced to Young’s recommendation “because Young was black.”

So while beloved Carter was getting his Nobel Peace Gong in Oslo, December 2002, the killings and farm takeovers were peaking in Zimbabwe.

Yet Carter continues to get a pass on his contribution to “modern” Zimbabwe. I keep asking him to step up to the plate and swing away at his old protege’. R. Mugabe. As you can see he is getting a little testy. This was a fax I sent to The Carer Center (they do not have e- mail). Carter attached this hand written note to my fax and mailed it back to me.

The Rhodesian Bush War [against Communist Terrorists] was over a decade before The Berlin Wall came down. WE saw it as a classic Cold War chapter. It is my feeling that the millions wasting away in Zimbabwe, and refugees like all The Hendersons, are victims of Carter Foreign policy.

J C Smith

Source: http://reclaimingrhodesia.com/jimmy-carters-pathetic-apology-to-rhodesia-capt-joe-c-smith-about-mugabe/

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