Jim Rizoli replies on Holocaustianity and Christianity

[I asked permission from the people we were debating with, to use their names and to publish their posts. So here is the first one, from Jim Rizoli. It is Jim Rizoli and Dianne King, whom we have been debating with. I will write my own comments and post them separately, later, to both of them and on my websites so that everyone can see how our discussion is going. Jan]

Good honest post Sarah

it all comes down to this….you either get it or you don’t and I’m not going to disparage you for not believing in it. Christianity is a lifestyle and it’s a belief system that betters your life. So I can’t answer for your life or how you feel about things only you can but if you have a void or you don’t have answers to some things then you might want to look in this direction.

it’s an individual thing that makes each person a better person and gives them a hope and answers.

if you have no hope and if you’re not living a good clean lifestyle then you’re really don’t have much go on.

I’m not saying you have to be a Christian to live a good moral clean life and be happy because many that aren’t Christian can the thing is they have a moral compass that comes from God. Whether they want to accept it or not it’s up to them.

In regards to the Jews and their religious cult of Holocaustianity.
They have no moral compass cuz they abandon it and everything they do is for themselves and they don’t care about anybody else. Typical psychopath and parasite.

That’s why we feel that exposing the Holocaust is one of the best ways of getting to them because that really gets them more than anything out there

Pulling them into 9/11 and all these conspiracy theories which most are true no doubt, is nothing compared to shoving the finger in their eye and accusing them of lies and making up an event to benefit them only.

The only problem here is if you take them up on the Holocaust you are going to get severe repercussions that could really affect your life financially and possibly physically and I can understand why a lot of people don’t do it but that’s the thing that works the best exposing them where they are the most susceptible.


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