Jews swarmed over the German Empire – stole Boer wealth – Idiotic Kaiser – Hitler the Saviour

[This is a reply I wrote to a lady who said that the Jews were trying to destroy the Kaiser of Germany and the Tsar of Russia. I just wanted to put it in proper historical perspective. Jan]

The Jews were waging wars against the European elite for long, but they were minor wars … Hitler was in a class of his own.

He had to be torn down at all costs. Hitler is the only leader who ever truly threatened Jewish power on Earth.

As for the kaiser, he was something of an idiot. That’s why hitler refused to give him power in Germany.

The Russians saw the seriousness of the Jewish threat before the Germans realised it.

The Tsar asked the Kaiser to help round about the time of WW1, but the Kaiser was too stupid.

"The German Empire" before Hitler was really like the American Empire now. Same thing.

Tons of Jews crawling all over it – in banking and business. Many of them ran to South Africa and Teamed up with the British Jews so they could collectively rape Boer wealth.

In fact, even in Rhodesia, among our Freemason and Jew heroes of British descent, we had a German-Jew hero.

Hitler was the one who really straightened out German thinking.

The Germans were also quite confused, like modern Americans and Anglos and the West are because Jews are swarming around everywhere talking their Jewish crap and confusing and befuddling everyone’s minds.

When Jews are swarming around you, they’ll fill your head with their Jewish junk – the race of rats lie intensely in unison.

It fools almost everyone … Hitler was the exception. His mind was too clear, too clever, too strong.

He was in a class of his own … of the calibre of Napoleon, or Frederick the Great, or Bismarck or Caesar … he was on a whole other level.

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