Jewish spies…. interested in South African whites – trying to penetrate the White Right

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Wie is ons? Boere of Afrikaners? Antwoord van Dr Mike Du Toit
Ek het iemand gehad wat aan my geskryf het oor die onderwerp van Boere teenoor Afrikaners. Ek het besluit om Dr. Mike Du Toit te nader, wat die leier van die Boeremag was en ‘n professionele akademikus is wat baie goed ingelig is oor ons geskiedenis, om hierdie vraag te beantwoord. Dr. Du Toit weet nie net van ons geskiedenis in Suid-Afrika nie, maar ook van ons geskiedenis in Europa. Hier is sy antwoord.

I was looking at a certain communication I received with interest. It contained lots of data. I very nearly replied to the person, when I realised from various things that I’m dealing with a Jewish spy here in SA trying to penetrate the white right.

This person has definitely been doing the rounds among ALL the white right wing groups. It is a lady. Definitely we have a Jewish spy doing the rounds among the entire White Right and Afrikaans groups – attempting to break in.

I hope people learn to keep these spies OUT.

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In this video I discuss the economic fight and how Whites can save themselves.

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