JEWISH GARBAGE FILLS OUR HEADS: Whites must beware of MORALISTIC, GOODIE type of arguments – We need WHITE POWER…

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I notice during this Russian/Ukrainian war how many Whites are out and about, especially in America making what I would call "goodie-two-shoes" types of arguments. With all the Christianity and Liberalism that is softening our heads, we make all arguments based on whether they are "good" or "bad". EVEN WORSE … and this is DREADFUL … is that we make these arguments on whether they are GOOD FOR EVERYONE… We would not think, for even one second that we must want something that is (a) Good for us (b) Better still GOOD FOR US and BAD FOR OTHERS!! These thoughts never cross our minds. Never.

It’s a sign of what mental slaves we are to Jewish values and Jewish thought – which is actually busy KILLING OUR RACE I might add.

Anyway, I am horrified at how Whites, who even claim to care about other Whites will run around making arguments and ensuring that those arguments are also good for Non-Whites and everyone else.

As Alex Linder points out, and I agree fully, we should be focusing on ourselves. Who cares what happens to non-Whites? We must focus on what is good for our race. And if it is good for us and even bad for others EVEN BETTER.

And another thought that we NEVER DARE THINK … is the thought of WHITE POWER! POWER FOR US! POWER FOR OURSELVES! For our race, for our people!

We cannot even think of these things.

This is terrible. I never could have imagined that I would have to tell other Whites things like this. It should be so basic.

I want to warn Whites, that in Nature, there are WINNERS and LOSERS. Stop thinking like Jews. Think about what is good for us … and to hell with the others. They are not our children and have no meaning for us.

And YES, we should even DREAM of situations where WE WIN BIG and others LOSE BIG. Yes, we WIN and they LOSE and we come out with massive victories, successes and gains … and they lose and are crying.

There are winners and losers. Our enemies never make arguments for our good. Why must we think of EVERYONE ELSE? It’s very silly.

We have the ability to win, to defeat others, to break their systems, to make them cry and run … and all that matters is that WE WIN. Nothing else is important.

Think further … think of the White children. Do you want them to be grovelling slaves? Or do you want them to be strong and WINNING? Do you want them to crush their enemies and have VICTORIES?

Think about these things.

Look at nature … there are winners and losers … the winner gets a meal today … the loser IS THE MEAL.

That’s nature. And, nature is best if left that way.

And rest assured, BEYOND THIS EARTH … Nature throughout the UNIVERSE functions like this. If there was another race that was stronger than us … they would destroy us in short order.

There is only one moral on Earth and in the universe and that moral is: POWER.

There’s nothing else. And if we don’t seek that power and keep it for the survival of our race then we’re totally insane.

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