Jesus’ teaching does not allow violence – My Reply to a Peacenik Christian

[A certain person was copying me on his emails about Jesus's teachings not allowing violence. He wrote 2 of them. I'm merely going to publish the 2nd one here. I have a Christian friend in the USA, Daniel, who would totally challenge this. I know a number of Christians who say this is not totally so. But, yet again, one finds oneself dealing with the endless Christian wrangles and discussions that go nowhere and it is always confusing as all Jewish derived things are. Always … confusion and no end in sight. Jan]

This is what he wrote:
The reason people resort to violence, at least nowadays, is because they have not taken action to find the good people, get them elected, and held them accountable. That is the action worth doing – politics as usual. Persuading good strong peaceful with integrity to run. Knockin on doors. The strength of peaceful action is required. Peaceful action instead of violence. It will work, but one must act. This is especially possibly locally, and with state reps and senators. It requires intelligence, creativity, strength, and goodwill. Violence is the other way.

The other key is to stop voting for republicans and democrats who are beholden to the two party organizations, bec those two party organizations are corrupt. Vote for independents, and for people in either party who are able and willing (and have the $) to defy that party and run without the party’s financial support.

It takes time and money.

Those who kill will be killed, those who harm will be harmed. It is not Jesus’ teaching. I already dealt with "I came not to bring peace but a sword – that was metaphorical, and related to dividing families and friends who went for the truth, and who weren’t ready. That is happening right now w covid and election, family and esp friends are being divided into those who are savvy, and those who aren’t. Relationships are being re-arranged. Jesus predicted that.

If Jesus said someone should killed, it was a mistranslation. Many, many changes have been made in what he said, and many things he said are not in the current conventional bible, and many things he taught he said to keep private and not write down.

I wrote this to him:
You are just a child in this world. You are doomed to be a loser for the rest of your life.

If you ever grow up, and become mature, you will learn that your enemy will lie, cheat, steal, murder, kill to get at things FIRST …

Until you can learn to deal with such people, you’re just a child, a baby.

Jesus is for children. It’s a fairy tale.

He then replied to me:
I’m talking about Jesus only bec most of the people I’m writing to on this list are into Jesus. I’ve been involved in meditation and other yogic disciplines most of my life. Jesus spent most of his missing years in the Himalayas. He isn’t a fairy tale, but he wasn’t what his followers say he was. Dependency on God is half the story, self-sufficient strength is the other half.

Is the way you wrote me mature?

I replied:
You’re hiding from reality. Been there, done that when I was younger.

When you mature you’ll realise that [censored] is superior to any praying and all that loser meditation, etc.

Been there. Done that. Total waste of time.

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