Jan’s Updates: What I’m doing & what I’m planning: Also: Experimental new websites?

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2004: S.Africa sells nuclear secrets to RED CHINA
Since the blacks came to power, weve had the Russians here, getting our military technology. Now were helping out those peaceful Chinese communists who threatened to nuke LA. This is a special article from the late Adriana Stuijt in the Netherlands.

Just a quick note. I need to do an update video, but I’ve been spending yesterday and today working on new videos, mainly focusing on aspects to do with Rhodesia and lessons from the Rhodesian experiment.

Please don’t miss the video about why Britain did NOT invade Rhodesia. That, and the other Rhodesian video about Rhodesia and Ancient Greece are important. There are big lessons in there for whites.

I also need to put out an update about the Jewish legal nonsense. Yesterday I gave my attorney some info because he wants to look at some things.

What I have been thinking about a lot, in recent weeks, as I am working on technical stuff, and also looking at what is going on here in South Africa, is that I need to carry out some serious technical experiments.

I am in the midst of preparing 2 sets of software updates. I did some quite intense work on some software I am planning for both my websites, that is critical. I ran a number of technical tests and was very happy with the outcome. So I did some planning for work that I will do over a period of a month, starting later this month. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into that, because it’s a problem I’ve been pondering for well over a year.

Then there is a smaller, easier technical test which I need to finish. I will try to tackle it in the next day or two. This is also something that could be very useful. Initially I just want to get some basic stuff up and running and then I’ll take it from there. It could be of the most use with respect to South African news. I have been doing a very bad job of putting out news from Africa especially South Africa. It is not that I am short of news. I get tons of news. I could pump out more news than anyone out there. But there is a reason why I don’t do this, and it is, what you could call an "Admin" problem. However, I have even better ideas than this. But my small technical experiment, if it works, can open the door to some serious stuff.

These tests are related to additional features that will be on my websites. However, I have been thinking of totally revamping my websites … I mean TOTAL REVAMP … from top to bottom. Changing every single aspect of my websites. There is also the possibility of setting up brand new websites. I am looking at things, and I have been hinting at things that I think other whites should do, but nobody is doing it. Maybe I must do some of these things. The reason I have not been experimenting with some things is because I lacked the technical knowledge to handle "modern website technology". But in my own efforts on my websites over the past year, my skills are getting ever sharper … and I’m beginning to think of new things.

There are different types of websites I’ve been thinking of.

But more important than creating new websites, is the REVAMPING of my existing sites, especially HistoryReviewed. HR has got a lot of data in it, but I don’t like the functionality of the website. It doesn’t look ugly, but it’s not very functional. It lacks lots of things.

There are features I want inside HR that I think will help everyone.

I have many ideas, and my thinking is that maybe, early next year, I need to set up an experimental History Reviewed website alongside the current one, so that people can go there and also read and view and interact, but it will be on an experimental base that I am testing and changing. Eventually that experimental base will become the new website. It may take several months before that happens. And then the result of that experiment will become the basis for AfricanCrisis and anything else I decide to do.

So I want to change the fundamental nature of the website so that it runs better, has more features and is of a better quality than what people are seeing currently. It must be able to do things that it can’t do at the moment. Plus, things must be easier to use.

Then there is the topic of experimental websites … NEW experimental websites. I have toyed with about 3 different ideas, but there may be more.

White Shop is also up in the air. It also needs some serious work before it can become more viable.

There is a *LOT* to do, but I need to think very carefully about the steps to be followed.

I will continue as normal, plodding along, like a German… đŸ™‚

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S.Africa: Black man tries to have sex with dead cat
Sterkfontein is a mental hospital. But it is full. They wanted to put this 18 Year old Black in there ...

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