Is the new movement: Qanon – THE STORM … a Jewish or Govt psyop?

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One of my readers wrote this comment:

Look at my bitchute channel to expose the Jews to as many persons as possible. We don’t have much time left.
When Qanon proves to be a Jewish Psyop (And God I hope it’s not), mankind is doomed. The NWO (Jewish World Order) will be established and all wealth that is left will be transferred to Zionists, Jews, Communists, Globallists, a.k.a SATANISTS!

I have only heard about Qanon recently. The entire concept of waiting for THE STORM, sounds like psy-war to me. It is very much like the way whites in SA, especially Christians, are constantly pushed towards prophecies that never come true. I have noticed in the USA, a lot of stuff that comes at White Americans on the right, especially Christians that says … God is in charge… WAIT… things will come right… JUST SIT AND DO NOTHING.

I’ve come across similar things in South Africa. A few months back there was even a white woman who sent a voice note to all the groups saying that “she spoke to God…” and blah blah blah… prophecy… do nothing… EVERYTHING IS ABOUT TO COME RIGHT SOON!!!

My own view is that these are probably Military/CIA psyops intended to calm whites down so that they just sit and wait … and get old … and DIE!

Will THE STORM come?

I doubt it 100%

I’ve seen many variants on this way of thinking. Its everywhere and it kills the white right.

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