Is Sabotage now the new excuse for Electricity failure in South Africa?

I’ve been seeing more and more stories claiming that there is all kinds of "sabotage" going on in the electricity generating plants here in SA. It seems that they are trying to explain away all the failures of the state and Eskom by claiming that there’s sabotage.

The sabotage it seems might be related to the political in-fighting in the ANC between the Black Jew Ramaphosa and the Zulu Communist Zuma.

I suspect that the game is to pretend that ALL the failure or most of the failure is due to sabotage. Then that way they can ignore all the firing of the Whites and all the other stupidity and theft and corruption and incompetance.

I’ll watch it. But I suspect they are definitely trying to pretend that this was not due to Black incompetance, etc.

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