Interview about South Africa: A Delighted History Reviewed supporter on Gab wrote about me being on Dennis Fetcho’s show

[I smiled a lot at this message from one of my longest standing, most loyal supporters on Gab – the NEW Twitter replacement – its better than Twitter and it’s pro-White! Jan]

He wrote:
Wow, @jlamprecht? was on Dennis Fetcho, i like that, he’s getting around now. Haven’t listened yet, but hopefully he was pushing the, we Whites can do it against the useless muds if we just get it together message. Because that’s very powerful, especially coming from someone in a place that seems as hopeless for Whites as South Africa. I’ll be happy if he knocks the jews too.

And yes, I did “knock the Jews” at every opportunity!! I have the audio and I’ll turn it into a video. Dennis was very nice to me. He’s a conservative. I used to be one. Now I’m just a NAZI.

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