In Apartheid South Africa: Japanese were classed as WHITE & Chinese & Indians were BLACK


A point I need to make, which I’ve mentioned before, was told to me by a Boer friend of mine. He used to work at a nuclear site here in South Africa. My Boer pal told me that the Japanese were lovely allies. He developed a great liking for the Japanese which he still has to this day. He has nothing but praise for the Japanese. He said that the Japanese were classed as WHITE whereas Chinese and all other Asians were classed by the Apartheid Government as Black.

I’m not sure what the situation was with the Taiwanese. The Taiwanese, are Chinese who never fell under Communist rule and they were also big allies of Apartheid South Africa.

Anyhow, returning to the Japanese, my Boer pal told me the Whites in SA would do work on various nuclear projects and when the engineers got stuck on something they would hand it over to the Japanese who would take it to Japan and work on it and come back with their solutions. They would work until they got stuck and then hand it back to the Whites.

He really had a great love of the Japanese.

I know, a few years after Black Communist ANC rule in South Africa, that someone in Japan, in the government I think, made a public statement that basically pointed out how South Africa was much better under White rule. I did see it on a short video on Youtube years ago.

I know from other Whites, including someone prominent in Canada, in the White Right, that the Japanese have Right Wing tendencies and the Japanese are friendly to the White Right. I have a lot of respect for the Japanese. I regard them as the best of the Asians.

I, personally think, China would not be a threat to Africa or anyone, if the Japanese were unleashed and allowed to play their proper role in Asia.

But it would be good to keep a look out for Japanese stuff where the Japanese Right Wing speaks out.

The Japanese and Chinese are at loggerheads, and the Chinese are on the side of the Blacks whereas, the Japanese would be friendly to the Boers and the Whites of South Africa.

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