More than ten years ago, I was dealing with the main black Zimbabwean activist here in South Africa at the time. He and I often worked together, and I supported his group. They called themselves CZCA (Concerned Zimbabwean Citizens Abroad). The leader was a guy who called himself Jay Jay Sibanda.

At one time, Jay Jay disappeared for several days and I could not get hold of him.

At the time we knew that Mugabe’s Militia were operating in Johannesburg. I was contacted by 2 well dressed young black males claiming to be from the MDC “Youth League”, saying that they wanted to meet me. I met them, and they told me that they “wanted to join the war”. On my website, I was doing my utmost to try to create resistance against Mugabe and the communist ZANU PF ruling party who were seizing the farms of the white farmers in Zimbabwe. On my website I wrote about the need to go to war against him. These young black males now claimed to want to join this war. I told them candidly, that although I was writing about war on my websites, that in fact, I had no guns … NOTHING in fact. They wanted to meet me again.

When I told Jay Jay about the meeting with the MDC Youth League, he told me that there is no such organisation. He suspected I had met Mugabe’s Militia. So, at the 2nd meeting with them, I had Jay Jay there. This caught them off guard. He questioned them. They were quite annoyed by this, and asked for a 3rd meeting, which I never granted. Jay Jay told me that there was no doubt that these were Militia sent by Mugabe’s people to find out if I had weapons and was busy with military activity. These 2 young blacks were unlike any blacks from Zimbabwe that I met at the time. Unlike the others, they were clearly well funded. Their clothing and their manner was unlike that of the normal blacks who had fled Zimbabwe. They even spoke about having travelled to Nigeria for a conference. They
were of a different status. It therefore adds to my suspicions that Jay Jay was right and that I was meeting with people specifically sent by the Zimbabwe Govt.

Returning to when Jay Jay disappeared, I feared he was dead. I decided to notify some friends and supporters in the USA and in Namibia and South Africa. I sent an email to the 5 people I trusted the most, one Sunday night at about 10pm. I mentioned that I thought Jay Jay may have been murdered by Mugabe’s people. After 8am on Monday morning, Jay Jay suddenly phoned me and asked me: “Did you write an email about me to anyone?” He was very irate, angry and worried. I said yes. He told me that he got a phone call from the ANC Intelligence Department in Shell House in Johannesburg stating that they had an email from me, and they wanted to question Jay Jay about it. So, Jay Jay went to the ANC Intelligence Dept. He met me a day or so later and brought with him a full copy of the email I had
sent to 5 people (which did not include anyone who knew Jay Jay). The email had highlighting on it, notes and annotations in handwriting. It was indeed my email. It was definite proof that it had been intercepted, because Jay Jay never knew about, or had contact with any of the whites whom I sent it to. Nor did I ever give out any of his contact details to anyone.

I live in Johannesburg and Jay Jay and I met in the CBD (Inner City) often.

Note: This was not Military or National Intelligence. They specifically described themselves as “ANC Intelligence” and were in Shell House, Johannesburg.

The ANC then questioned Jay Jay about me. They asked him: “Why are you taking orders from a White Man?”

They questioned him for some time and told him they would want to see him again. I was very shocked when I saw the email that Jay Jay showed me that they had. We went over it and studied it. There was a lot of annotation and highlighting on it done by the ANC Intelligence Dept.

They questioned him for some time and told him they would want to see him again. I was very shocked when I saw the email that Jay Jay showed me that they had. We went over it and studied it. There was a lot of annotation and highlighting on it done by the ANC Intelligence Dept. Then, Jay Jay disappeared again. And again, I could not find him in any way. Eventually, I decided to write another email to the 5 people. Again, I did it on a Sunday evening and again on a Monday morning, Jay Jay phoned me and asked: “Did you write another email about me? They want to question me again!”. This time the ANC was very angry that Jay Jay had told me about the meeting because he was supposed to have kept his mouth shut. They then said they want to see him regularly. In the many weeks that went by, I found that Jay Jay was communicating with me less and less.

As Jay Jay communicated with me less, it was clear in his communications to me, that he was seeing the ANC Intelligence Dept regularly. Then it was dead quite for a while. Jay Jay was NOT militant. The only time Jay Jay had suggested doing anything illegal, in the years that I knew him, was the day when Jay Jay phoned me and said that he wanted to kidnap Robert Mugabe’s wife from a hotel near Johannesburg International airport. This incident is described more fully below. On that occasion I talked him out of it. But after some weeks, when Jay Jay had been meeting with the ANC Intelligence Dept in Shell House, he suddenly called me and asked me to meet with him and his group URGENTLY. So, we met in the
Johannesburg CBD.

Jay Jay brought with him internet printouts of stories on Zimbabwean news websites. The stories related to the derailment of trains in Zimbabwe. Jay Jay then told me that there were some black Zimbabweans who were against Mugabe, and that their way of hitting back at him was to derail trains. He showed me about 2 or 3 stories about trains that had been derailed inside Zimbabwe. He tried to convince me that these were NOT ACCIDENTS but were the result of blacks who had planned and carried out the derailments. I was not sure if I believed this, so I questioned him. He was insistent and he told me more. He also had other top members of his organisation with him, and they were supporting his story.

Jay Jay told me that we could harm Mugabe and the communist ZANU PF more, by derailing more trains and damaging the economy. He told me that he had contacts, in Gweru I think, who worked in mines and had access to explosives. He said that they could easily obtain explosives and they could derail more trains. I asked him if they knew how to do this and he assured me they did.

Then he dropped the punch line. He said he could go and organise these guys and get the explosives and he could do this on a bigger scale, but he needed money. I can’t remember the amount he asked for, but it was a big amount, way beyond my means. I said to him, all that I can spare is R10,000 ($1,000) which is in a savings account. Then he said, “that will do”. I went in the next day or so and I withdrew, in cash, the money and met with him and his team and they gladly took it and off they went – apparently to Zimbabwe, to start blowing up trains!

However, within about 2-3 days, I began to realise that I had been tricked. I then realised, I had given them money and they had just fooled me and defrauded me. Believe it or not, I was not so unhappy about losing the money, as I was about the fact that they were NOT going to be derailing trains in Zimbabwe. I was extremely irritated that my only attempt at hitting back at the Govt of Zimbabwe was a flop!

I also of course did not report this event to the South African Police!

What was interesting, is that this attempt to cheat me, and lie to me and defraud me on the basis of this fake military operation in Zimbabwe, occurred after Jay Jay had been meeting with the ANC Intelligence Dept in Shell house. This was the only time that Jay Jay openly cheated me. I became convinced that the ANC Intelligence Dept therefore may have shown him more emails than the 2 emails that I knew about.

I wrote many emails to whites who supported me. I had wondered whether the ANC showed Jay Jay other emails that I had written to whites, and whether they had used these emails to turn Jay Jay against me. I have even wondered what the role of the ANC Intelligence Dept was in the “train derailment scam”. I am convinced that the ANC Intelligence Dept had, as one of its objectives, to destroy the trust and working relationship between myself and Jay Jay, and this was the perfect way to do it. Once he cheated me and ran off with my money, I never again met with him or his people and had nothing to do with them. This would have worked well for the ANC.

I did hear, in later years, from blacks who had been the remnants of the destroyed CZCA, what had happened to Jay Jay after he stole my money.

Jay Jay had been physically fit and in the prime of his life and very energetic. I heard that he also had a love of prostitutes and that he could get into bouts of drinking and that was probably why he disappeared sometimes, at the times when I thought he might have been killed.

After he and I no longer worked together, the ANC seems to have had a hold over him. Other blacks told me that he was told to quieten down and to stop criticizing the Mugabe Govt so openly. Jay Jay toned down his rhetoric and became quiet, and eventually the blacks lost interest and he lost support and credibility. His organisation, which had been the No 1 Zimbabwean activist movement in South Africa, faded away, and with that, so did white support as well.

At one point, there were whites in South Africa who were keen to support Jay Jay. They donated money. Even a few businesses donated money. Jay Jay was able to hire busses sometimes for protests. The whites were willing to openly help spread the message of what Mugabe was doing to the farmers in Zimbabwe. I found that these Liberal whites however, quickly faded away from the scene when it became obvious that BIG, EASY, MASSIVE SUCCESS was not possible, and that in fact, it was a hard slog, and there was a lack of money. I was therefore the last white around who supported Jay Jay to the end, through thick and thin, until, I suspect, the ANC Intelligence Department destroyed our trust
and turned him against me. I was told, that after his organisation faded away, now that it was friendly to the ANC and being “guided” by the ANC; that he later died of AIDS.

At this time, President Mbeki of Zimbabwe was pretending to be dealing with Mugabe using his bogus concept of “Quiet Diplomacy”, which probably meant: No Diplomacy and give Mugabe anything he wants and help him as much as possible!

In Zimbabwe, Jay Jay’s activities would easily have landed him and his people in jail or got him a severe beating or torture or death. That is why so many of the blacks fled from there to Johannesburg. There was no free speech in Zimbabwe. But having these black Zimbabweans being openly active in South Africa, standing on street corners in major cities with banners and appearing on the radio and in the newspapers was a serious embarrassment to the South African Govt. The ANC were quietly trying to protect Mugabe and leaving him in peace to destroy the white farmers and to destroy the multiracial
MDC which had become his main political opponent. In the end, they succeeded and Mugabe won.

Another time I was informed that the SA Govt was spying on me occured some years afterwards:-

I was working with an Afrikaans lady at XXXX called YYYY. In 2009, she was retrenched. She struggled to find work and then got a job at some company in Pretoria which was an IT Company contracted to the Govt. YYYY and I had been close friends and she knew of my political activism. Several months after she had left XXXX, she one day wrote an urgent email to me wherein she stated that the company she was working for, was spying on me on behalf of the Govt.

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