IMPORTANT from Portugal: All discussion of our Wars in Africa is suppressed!


[I got this lovely email from someone in Portugal explaining how these things that we know about their wars in Africa are suppressed. 

For Portuguese people: I was doing R&D last year before I went to the USA on the Portuguese wars. With some effort, and lacking the ability to speak Portuguese, I nevertheless, managed to find some stuff in Portugal itself, including books that are not well known except in certain circles. If I had someone who could read Portuguese, I would be able to point you to the sources. I would love to have someone who can read Portuguese appear on my show after having read the Portuguese sources. 
I keep pushing this back, because I have other things I'm trying to do, and my goal when I do the Portuguese stuff is to do it properly. Its very high on my list of things to do. I had promised people I would do this by last week. But I just didn't get around to it. Its very important stuff. 
Furthermore, you Portuguese were WINNING in Angola right up to the end … then the Soviets/US/CIA/KGB caused the bloodless revolution in your country which stripped away a victory that was in the palm of your hands. And for us in Rhodesia it was a HUGE DISASTER! For South Africa too, it led to new nightmares. The collapse of your wars, was the DEATH BLOW for us in Rhodesia, and a big nightmare for the whites of South Africa and South West Africa! Jan]

The Portuguese reader wrote:

Hey Jan,
I’ve recently started watching your content and I must tell you I was shocked with the amount of stuff I had never known about the colonial wars which I learned from a couple videos of yours despite living my whole life here in Portugal. They suppress ANY talk about the colonial wars here and we always get our knowledge from liberals or commies who get instructed through Jewish propaganda such as UN educational plans. I’d like to ask you if you have some material you could send/reference to me about the wars that have good information on the subject. I’d like to know more

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