IMPORTANT FOR WHITES OUTSIDE SOUTH AFRICA TO UNDERSTAND: The Dumb White (mostly English-speaking) Liberals

I just want to clarify something about South Africa that is not really understood by Whites who live on other continents. In South Africa, under Apartheid, the goal of Apartheid was to UNITE ALL WHITES. Apartheid was a WHITE RACIAL SYSYEM WHERE ALL WHITES WERE TREATED EQUALLY. It was a WHITE RACIAL SYSTEM. If you were White, the system took you in and you were a citizen. You got all the same benefits (and responsibilities) as all other Whites. Apartheid could also be called a "White Racial Democracy". It was 100% RACE BASED. If you were of European descent, you were welcomed with open arms.

Now the majority of South Africa’s population, at least 60% I would say, maybe more, are Afrikaans – they are Boers. They have lived here for centuries. But the Boers opened their arms to all Whites and if you were White you were treated well and you were treated exactly as fairly as any other White. They did not discriminate against you.

Apartheid was a WHITE IDEA and the driving force behind it’s creating was almost exclusively Boers.

Now they made only one mistake. They treated Jews as White. A huge mistake.

Now the Jews turned on the Whites under Apartheid. I will return to this topic. They turned on the Whites, and knifed them in the back in several ways, which I will discuss in the weeks ahead.

These Jews, being the garbage that they are, did not like Apartheid. The Jews teamed up with the Blacks to fight the Whites. But while the Jews were busy creating an "anti-Apartheid movement" of Blacks, Indians, Coloureds, etc. The Jews also were the driving force behind LIBERALISM.

In this way, the Jews were able to hide the fact that all "White opposition" to Apartheid was basically JEWISH. So these Jews then went and marketed their Liberal claptrap to any Whites who were dumb enough to actually believe this or listen to this.

They mostly make English-speaking converts, but on occasion, there was someone Afrikaans who was actually dumb enough to become a Liberal or a Communist. e.g. Bram Fischer.

Because the Jews were so close to the English speakers, most of the Liberals, to this day, are English.

However, there are English-speaking Whites who were 100% behind the Boers in all their efforts.

But be aware, that Liberalism in South Africa is (a) Jewish (b) It includes mostly, idiotic White English – more so than Boers.

During the time of Apartheid, all the Afrikaans leaders UNITED WHITES, and one of the best at this was Dr Hendrik Verwoerd, the Dutchman who is the only non-South African born White man to rule this country. He was a 100% racialist and he did his utmost to unite the Whites.

English speaking Whites were given *ALL* the same opportunities as Afrikaans ones. The only difference being the secret society, the Broederbond, which ensured it controlled key positions.

So you will find for example, even in the SADF (the military), that there were quite a few English -speaking Generals.

So even though South Africa is mostly the creation of the Boers, and they’ve slogged it out here for the longest, they always welcomed the English, Portuguese, Greeks, Italians, Germans and any other Whites with open arms. And they were treated fairly.

Apartheid was a great racial system. It was a White system built for Whites. And it worked great.

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