IMPORTANT: Even Non-Whites are leaving South Africa! – SA faces brain drain amid chaos


[I had suspected this. I have been watching the non-Whites. In Zimbabwe the same thing happened. If Whites will just knuckle down and hang in here … we can still survive… when Black power declines! Jan]

Looting and rioting cost hundreds of lives and dented the economy, but the loss of talented young people could be another blow for a country in turmoil

The switchboard erupted at the offices of New World Immigration following South Africa’s recent deadly unrest.

“People on calls were describing how they could hear gunshots, explosions, it was like a war zone,” Robbie Ragless, the firm’s director, said of some of the 3,000 to 4,000 pleas his team fielded for help to leave the country.

The worst bout of lawlessness since the end of apartheid makes a fresh exodus of talent seem likely. The mass departures of the early Nineties as South Africa moved to black majority rule were dominated by so-called “white flight”, but recent inquiries are split evenly along racial lines. “Mostly young and highly skilled families” looking for safe haven in Britain, Canada and Australia, Ragless said.


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