IMPACT of Zulu Violence: How many Whites will flee South Africa now? – British friend flees SA for 2nd time!

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A quick note. I’m certain that this violence that has occurred will result in the greatest recruiting drive of the White Right Wing in it’s history. I’m certain this will be the case. And I also think that Security companies that are often in Private (White) owned hands should also get big boosts.

However, there are Whites who seem to have the opposite reaction. I have a long time British friend who was in the Royal Navy, who came to SA in the 1960s. He left SA a few years ago because he had had enough and felt the country was f*cked. So he went to the UK. After 2 years he returned. He returned because of that British Soldier who was beheaded by a Muslim. He told me that he thought the Brits were f*cked and that nobody would fight. So he returned to SA. Also his children were still living here and he had grand kids now. So he was enjoying the grand kids.

I contacted him today regarding a security question and to my utter shock he told me that he’s just finished packing everything up to go to Portsmouth in the UK! He’s packed up his house and he’s out of here! He did not even want to answer my question! I then asked him what is the status of his married children? His answer: Some have left SA and the others will leave SA!!! So he and his entire family are getting the hell out of SA! And this is a guy who was very much into guns and security and Police work. And just like that he’s buggering off out of the country in an INSTANT!!! I was amazed!

But I have some friends who are from Europe who came to SA either in the 1980s or the 1990s. And I am noticing some strange behaviour there too.

The one lady, from Eastern Europe, whom I know well, it is as if she cannot handle the thought of living in a violent dangerous country. She really believed SA was a diversity friendly place and now at peace. About 2 years ago, I had some intensive discussions with her, when I was preparing my lecture on Race Wars and she was horrified to learn the history of the region and what happened. I even told her, that WAR IS COMING. She was shocked. She asked me: You mean a real war here in SA? I said yes, unquestionably. Nowadays she takes me very seriously and has even referred people to me. But I can see that she is out of her depth in SA and very uncomfortable with the way things are.

I have wondered whether some of the Europeans who weren’t born here, whether some of them will flee.

The British are so pathetic, and I’m astounded that this friend has left SA for the SECOND TIME IN LESS THAN 8 YEARS!!! I had expected more backbone from him.


I urge South Africans to also keen an eye on people leaving the country – of all races. I think as things get hotter we’ll see some people leaving.

But, the Boere and the White Africans … WE MUST DIG OUR HEELS IN. We have critical racial work to do here. We must NOT abandon our foothold in Africa that the Boer pad for in BLOOD.

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