How White-Shop is going: How shops go that Whites create for whites…

I did start my little shop in the hope that it can help. But it will take a long time to build up the products and customer base. I have managed to get one order so far for one book. So that’s a small start. But, judging by how these shops go for whites, I can tell you it won’t be easy.

I know guys in Europe who worked on a fantastic shop for over a YEAR before launching it. They only get about 1 sale a week. So its a long slow struggle there too. Furthermore, I’ve said that I won’t use Paypal for my shop. This is part of the POC (Proof of Concept), that is my goal, to try to show over time that we can trade with each other without the Jews and Liberal/Communist scum stopping it. Here is the link to my little shop as it stands so far. But I will add more products over time:

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