How did COVID affect Whites? -Fascinating statistics from South Africa

[Ever since this COVID garbage started in South Africa, I was trying to get some data by race. I really struggled and even Doctors and nurses I knew did not help. However, I had published and reached the conclusion based on data from the UK early on that Blacks might be TWICE as susceptible to COVID than Whites. I have said many times that I think that Blacks have weaker immune systems than Whites. We have privately owned blood services in SA and below are some of the statistics that have come out from that. Whites were amazingly effective at avoiding COVID. This is from studies of COVID anti-bodies. Jan]

Differences across race

There are significant differences in rates of infection when different races are compared.

The November survey showed that about 80% of black donors and 40% of white donors had been infected with Covid.

In the latest survey, the proportion of white and Asian donors that only have anti-spike antibodies (indicating vaccination but no infection) was higher than black and coloured donors.

The researchers suggest that “white donors are both unusually likely to avail themselves of vaccination, and they are unusually able to avoid exposure, for instance by working predominantly from home, [and] living in smaller family units.” DM


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