HORROR for Whites who love their race: White Liberals HATE US & will want us KILLED

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In a discussion someone made this point:If tearing down Abraham Lincoln doesn’t convince all the "Fence Sitters" that this has NOTHING to do with "Racism" and EVERYTHING to do with (((Cultural Revolution))) and Talmudic Noahide Law prohibitions on Idolatry, I don’t know what will! – bb9

I replied as follows:
The horror whites will yet find is that there is no amount of back pedalling that will satisfy our enemies. Before I learned and understood National Socialism and that the Germans had been lied about, I had spent 12 years talking to Jews and Liberals trying to find middle ground in the belief that if we whites could get White Liberals and Jews together with us, that we could, in South Africa for example, all fight the blacks. All those years, of thousands of hours of discussions and emails came to nothing.

It was only later that I realised with HORROR, that the reality is that Jews AND white Liberals view Whites (racism) as the worst enemy of all, and that they will always rally around Communists. My Jewish friend, and all the Liberals in South Africa (which is controlled by Jews), had claimed, for decades, that Liberalism lies in the middle between Communism and White Nationalism/Racism. But this is FALSE. I have found over and over, that in fact, Liberals are NOT in the middle. They are 90% to the left and they will ALWAYS SIDE WITH COMMUNISTS. Whites who are pro-white, will ALWAYS be attacked as "Nazis & Racists" and ALL LIBERALS will side with communists in a heart beat against whites.


And once you realise this, then all of politics makes total sense. e.g. Roosevelt and Churchill siding with Stalin and the Soviet Union against Germany and Italy! Britain is itself, actually an anti-white nation, yet it hides it very well. But the Jewish influence on Britain, shows itself time and again. From the invasion of the Boer Republics, and the total annihilation of the Boers, to the wars against Germany. Britain shows its anti-white nature, over and over.

Liberals, white Liberals in the USA and the West, are actually outright TRAITORS to our race, with a hatred of their own people that shocks me. Liberals, in fact, should be executed if they do not convert to our side. When I watch your country, I tell you, your Liberals are your worst traitors and enemy within. And keep watching how easily they side with communists, Jews, blacks who hate whites, etc.

The white man is ALWAYS the worst enemy. All the worst hatred is aimed at the whites.

WHITES ARE ON OUR OWN. If we believe in White Nationalism, or Pan European Nationalism, or National Socialism … WE ARE ON OUR OWN. TOTALLY.

EVERYONE will gang up on us in an INSTANT. We are the "worst" enemy. The same vile hatred that they aimed at Hitler and Mussolini, they will aim that at us, with a open desire to kill us.

I’m serious about this. I learned this the hard way. It was with horror that I discovered and came to realise that WHITE LIBERALS are a dangerous enemy filled with a hatred for their own. In the case of you Americans, they HATE AMERICA ITSELF AND ITS ENTIRE WHITE HISTORY!!! I find this unbelievable. You have such white traitors in your country it defies belief. Your Liberals are 1% away from being Communists. They are hardly indistinguishable.

Alex Linder is totally right when he says, there are only 2 teams: Team White and Team Jew. If you’re not 100% on Team White, then you’re definitely on Team Jew.

If we stand up for ourselves in the slightest way, you’ll see them coming to smash us into the ground, and if we are strong enough, they’ll try to have us killed. I’m serious about this. We face the same fate as Hitler and his seniors who all ended up dead. That is what we face if we stand up for our race. Nothing has changed.

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