Hiding the Richest Jews in South Africa: The Oppenheimers are hiding their wealth…

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I was reading that Johan Rupert, one of these local White traitors, who are in bed with Jews and Globalists, lost a big chunk of his wealth due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He lost almost R20 billion, which is about $1.3 billion. So he lost a very sizable portion of his wealth.

Anyhow, the article went on to say that he is heading to be the Richest Man in Africa. So this White South African race traitor might end up becoming the Richest person in Africa.

But hold on! That’s a lie!

The richest people in South Africa are the Jewish Oppenheimer family! They own much of the mineral wealth of South Africa! I noticed in recent years that suddenly, their "wealth" dropped massively in a single year without any reason. And then later, they were not even listed as being among the richest in South Africa. But to my knowledge they are still here and their company is even buying out White Farmers and encouraging White Farmers to sell! They are boasting of being the biggest landowner in the country.

My guess is that the Jewish Oppenheimers are hiding the extent of their wealth. Possibly they are even moving huge amounts of money out of the country. But I think these super rich Jews are busy hiding their wealth.

The Oppenheimers are to South Africa, what the Rothschilds are to Britain. They are insanely rich by South African standards. In the time of Dr Hendrik Verwoerd, before the Jews killed him, the Hoek Report by Professor Hoek, indicated that 70% of the South African economy was owned by AngloAmerican, the company of the Jewish Oppenheimer family.


Now, these Jews are so "poor" they don’t even feature on the lists of the rich?

These Jews are going into hiding. And they’ve probably moved enormous sums of money out of South Africa a very long time ago. But I suspect they want to keep a low profile.

They also seem to be now linked to AfriForum, which itself is funded by the Jew-linked FW De Klerk people.

I suspect that the Rothschilds in Britain have mastered the art, long ago, of how to hide away TRILLIONS of dollars so that they never appear on ANY of the lists of the super rich in the world when in fact, they probably own most of the world and probably are the richest Jews on the planet.

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