HELP: Young White people (anyone under 35!) – Please help me: Technology, Phones, behaviour….

I would like to chat to young Whites. For me, anyone aged 35 or younger is a "kid". 🙂

I would like to know a bunch of things. If you can give me an insight, then please leave a message for me on my Contact us page.

Firstly, I am very interested in the behaviour of young Whites with regard to what devices they use for their communications. I assume they are mostly using phones. If so, what apps are they using and sharing information on the most?

Secondly, I want to know specifically about Telegram and Whatsapp and the manner and methods they use for sharing data there. How do they do it, what do they do, etc?

Thirdly, I’m looking for anyone with technical knowledge about writing Bots for phones or related apps.

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