Happy New Year for 2023 everyone … some thoughts for the new Year…

Here’s wishing all of you a Happy New Year for 2023 FWIW!!! 🙂

When I look at everything, I think it’s going to be more of the same and it may ramp up with time.

I’m wondering about wars. I think we’ll see more of them in the years ahead as the years go by as this dumb ass Liberalism and Globalism and Diversity crap begins to collapse upon itself.

The Stock Markets, which I feared for … seem to be on edge … and perhaps The Fed can FAKE IT through the coming years so as to prevent catastrophic failure. But even if it succeeds, I don’t think it will really help anyone much. I think we might be in the doldrums for years.

Here in South Africa the stupidity never ends, and I think with each passing day that it should be ever more evident that there is no place for White people here. We will have to carve out something for ourselves in the decades ahead.

I think as a general observation, that the wild times will incrementally get wilder, bit by bit as the months and years continue. All the garbage that has come from Jews and Liberals and Communists will just get worse.

But, as a Race, we can survive easily … over the dead bodies of the others!

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