GREAT NEWS for AfricanCrisis Website supporters… a BIG SURPRISE is coming…

I have been working like a fiend, behind the scenes for weeks, on something really important. It’s something I want to do a show about, and videos about, but it requires that I dig deeply into my old, old archives … into things that have not seen the light of day for more than a decade.

It’s been a tricky, technical matter, and I was wondering if I would make it in time for my deadline of 18th February.

The good news is YES. I have just managed to pull it off.

The work I’ve done is going to be the beginning of the release of a HUGE ARCHIVE of material I have that you can’t find on the internet and more, and it is stuff I did over a period of 12 years.

It is enormous compared to the small size of what AfricanCrisis is now. It is enormous even compared to my HistoryReviewed website.

You’re in for a bunch of surprises in the weeks and months to come on AfricanCrisis….

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