Good news for White males? – Could COVID, Economic Collapse, Blacks & Jews do good things for us?

I don’t want to write a lot of twisted, Jew-like nonsense, but I do think there is a very good possibility that is heading our way.

I firmly believe that the only way forward is going to be by way of the white male, and as I have said many times, WHITE MEN WITH GUNS! White men with guns will be the PROBLEM SOLVERS and it is up to them to TAKE BACK WESTERN CIVILISATION.

One thing I’ve wondered about, and I think this might come true, is that HARDSHIP might change the views of the WHITE WOMEN. I am observing certain behaviour of white women in South Africa which is the result, clearly, of HARDSHIP. Hardship is forcing the white women to do things they would not normally do.

I don’t want to say much in detail, but it appears to me, white women are, like never before, looking for white men to help save them. In a twisted way, I think women are becoming overwhelmed by some of the hardship and they are leaning ever more on their "girl skills" as the way out.

One example for me, is a neighbour of mine who is from Europe. She is very Liberal and she actually irritates me a lot when she starts talking about her spiritual and scientific ideas. She was never married, though she had (nice) white kids from 2 different men. She prided herself on looking after herself. Indeed, it is amazing that she raised the children and even looked after her mother. She did extremely well with a business she runs from home and at one point employed 8 people including at least 2 whites. However, this year when the COVID lockdown insanity came, her business took an enormous beating.

While she was in lockdown, she one day told me she’s going to drive several hundred km to go and collect her new boyfriend who will be staying with her and also working with her. So she got herself an Afrikaans male as her boyfriend. This is a big change of behaviour for her – massive in fact.

One thing I’ve noticed about women over time, is that when a woman needs a man, for her own purposes, then suddenly, "she falls in love". I have seen white women "fall in love" on cue, when needed. When she needs a guy for something, it won’t be long before she "accidentally falls in love". Once you perceive her psychological need, it is only a matter of a relatively (short) period of time before she "finds love" or "love falls out of the sky". I’ve seen this so many times.

She’s not the only one. I’ve been watching more and more white women changing their behaviour, even middle-aged and even older women who’ve long since lost most of their looks and they’re putting on make-up, wearing more provocative clothing, etc, etc. They’re out hunting for men.

I can see ever more, how these white women are turning to their GIRL SKILLS in their struggle to survive.

So it could be that economic collapse might actually FORCE white men and women together and from that you will see a return too of the white male being in charge.

Then of course, there is also the change in the attitude of whites in SA where Christianity is going downhill. The men and women are slowly becoming, let’s say, "more natural", and "more wild". They’re loosening up. I think this is also good.

I think we’re in a slow process that is going to turn a lot of things on their heads.

HARDSHIP might actually bring back OLD SYSTEMS … not just white men and women shacking up more together, but also perhaps even other racial stuff will come to the fore. It might force Jews to be more Jew-like as that is the only thing that really works for them. It might also force the blacks back to things they would NOT have done before.

HARDSHIP might be our best friend.

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