FROM JAN: WANTED: Papers by either Military Officers or Academics or Historians


This is a special request. If you ever come across Libraries, websites or organisations where academic papers are being produced – not just in America but in any Western nation where you have either normal academics, or historians or, better still, Military Officers writing papers analysing anything – historical or military – I’m very interested.

I do have one source, and I’ve been discovering amazing things.

I do know that in the USA there are military libraries and all sorts of public information available.

If you know of any such organisation – EVEN IF THE ACADEMICS ARE LIBERALS – YES – EVEN IF THEY ARE LIBERALS – Send me the links.

I do a lot of research and reading, and I have found that sometimes one stumbles on really good stuff.

Just leave messages for me on the Contact us page with links and details.

I like serious academic work even if the authors are Liberals.

I filter through everything.

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