From Jan: Busy with Technical software issues… and new plans…

Just a note: For the last 2 days I’ve been focusing on serious admin and setup issues that I need to fix and improve on.

Every now and then as I make technical plans, I end up getting stuck on various hardware or other technical software issues. A few months back I was making some plans to get a new PC as a backup/stand-in for another machine that is in very bad shape and needs a total shut down and revamp which will take some time.

But my new backup machine gave me hell. It was really my own fault. I made a very bad purchase by being totally overconfident and thinking that most new hardware is compatible with a certain operating system. That really burned me and set me back.

That stupid decision of mine has burned me and cost me valuable time. But anyway, slowly, step by tedious step, I’ve been solving problems and it seems I’m almost finally ready to have my backup machine working really nicely. On the plus side, the hardware I bought was freaking fast. So as I get it running better and better, I do delight in seeing how well it runs.

I’m on the final leg of problem solving. I should have everything finished before midday today.

I also have plans for HistoryReviewed. That website has got many problems, and I’m actually thinking of creating multiple websites that I will be testing.

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