From Jan: Busy with some electronics this weekend… Whites … LEARN, LEARN, LEARN…

Just a note. This weekend I was not replying to people or doing other major things. For 3 days, I took a bit of time "off" to fiddle with some electronics, in particular, Arduinos – a fantastic invention from our brethren in Italy. I have certain problems with my solar power setup that I need to solve, and with a combination of electronics and software.

This is something I’ve been dying to learn for the last 15 years and each attempt of mine has ended mostly in failure. But currently I have a particularly important set of problems I want to solve.

So I spent quite a bit of time actually learning and doing my first small projects to find my feet with this technology. I’m a huge believer in WHITE TECHNOLOGY and the things that can be done. But I lack formal training in electronics so I’ve sort of learned in bits and pieces by myself.

I’m delighted to say that it went well and I completed the exercises I set out to do. I now feel confident enough to get on with solving the actual technical problems. I just needed to find my feet to ensure I could do certain things. I completed it and I’m happy that I can dive in, at a more leisurely pace and solve all the problems that need solving.

I urge all White men: Learn anything technical. Learn, learn, learn. And women too … learn stuff. Maybe not technology … maybe things that relate to people. But learn for all you’re worth. Invest in your own skills. THIS WILL SAVE US!

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