EXCELLENT: THERE IS LIFE, NAZI LIFE, IN GERMANY!!! 450 suspected NAZIs – German Special Forces Officer To Be Suspended Over Ties To Right-Wing Extremism – My Comments

[I f*cking love this. I've been thinking about the Germans, and what lies inside of them. There is the other story I need to get back to of the 200 soldiers who were going to kill their politicians. I'm telling you … these signs of LIFE in GERMANY … ARE THE BEST NEWS OF ALL. This is fantastic. 

And I would like to urge all of you, to PLEASE, be nice to: Whites who are in the: Police, Intelligence and Military in all Western countries. I do not think they're as screwed up as we think. Maybe, as always, only the most corrupt are AT THE TOP. The Jews and assorted Elite scum, will see to it that hardcore, true white right soldiers/police/intelligence people never make it to the top. But I reckon, among the rank and file and even the lower to mid-level officers … you will find whites who have some kind of racial loyalty. DO NOT regard all whites in the Police, Intelligence and Military as sellouts. They are only following orders. And in this stupid Western world, Politicians, are the bosses. The Military/Intelligence/Police are trained and indoctrinated to take orders from them and to never overthrow them. 
HOWEVER, there must be ever increasing levels of sheer disgust growing among the Military/Police/Intelligence in the West. So be nice to them. Talk nicely to them. Befriend them, and try to tell them the truth if you ever get close to them. 

We people of European descent, are going to take back the Western World … in its entirety yet. Do NOT lose faith in our race. The WAR has not yet begun. But its coming. 

Don't worry about the elite firing the troops and the officers. Its all good. We're going to WIN! Jan]

The German military will suspend an officer of its elite special forces unit after an investigation linked him to right-wing extremism. Two other soldiers are facing punishment for allegedly performing a Nazi salute at a party at the officer’s home.

The unnamed officer, who served multiple tours in Afghanistan, has been covertly investigated for months, according to a report in the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag. He will be barred from service this week, Deutsche Welle reports.

The German special forces, known as the Kommando Spezialkrafte, are responsible for antiterrorism missions and hostage rescue operations overseas.

Some 20 members of the elite unit are being investigated for ties to right-wing elements, according to Christof Gramm, the head of the Military Counterintelligence Service. Earlier this year, the service disclosed that it was investigating 450 suspected cases throughout the military.

Making the Nazi salute is illegal in Germany, as is using other Nazi symbols.

In the latest incidents, one of the soldiers accused of making the salute has been suspended from the military; the other is still under investigation.

Fears Of Far-Right Terror In Germany
A trial is upcoming for a German army officer who was arrested in April 2017 for allegedly plotting a far-right terror attack while posing as a Syrian refugee. He reportedly hoped the attack would be mistaken as Islamist terrorism.

Germany’s defense minister, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, says decisive action will be taken against instances of extremism within the army, according to The Local Germany.

“We have drawn the first consequences in this case, and we will continue to act with the same severity and impose the same consequences in every case,” she said while visiting German forces in Kosovo this week.

Source: https://www.npr.org/2019/12/03/784400068/german-special-forces-officer-to-be-suspended-over-ties-to-right-wing-extremism

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