EXCELLENT Covert News from S.Africa: Whites busy with BIG MOVES…

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Last night I got a phone call from one of the senior leaders in the White Right movement. He is the head of one of the military groups. He had lots of good news … mind-blowing news actually!

He told me that the big alliance of Right Wing military groups has decided to rather merge all the groups together into one big Right Wing military group. But, they have bigger political plans.

I’m EXTREMELY EXCITED by this! This is the first time in an extremely long time that white leaders have made bold moves. It is fantastic. He went on to tell me their political plans, and what he thought would come of it.

I was also invited to be a part of it.

I will leave it at that. I won’t say more until official announcements are made! But I told him that in my view, everything he is telling me is EXCELLENT. Finally… whites are gaining some traction as a GROUP.

What I heard, pleased me intensely.

So stick around … the Whites are finally making their own moves among themselves, and I’m liking it. I told him that certain things I had seen in the groups had impressed me a lot.

I also saw that some black piece of shit was saying that the blacks should "collapse the economy". Hahahaha. That’s so funny because much of "the white economy" is Jewish and black. If they collapse it, they’ll be sinking that which THEY ARE DEPENDENT ON AND WHICH THEY CONTROL AND WHICH THEY HAVE DRIVEN THE REST OF US OUT OF.

I love it when the blacks think they can break some more shit and it will just fix itself. These arrogant, idiotic blacks vastly overrate themselves.

The Govt debt has doubled in the last 10 years and the Govt is running to beg from the IMF while the debt keeps escalating!

These blacks are so sure of themselves. They have lived in a dream world for decades. It is time to pull the plug on their dream world, and time for the white male to step into the REAL WORLD, the world of nature, where he always was the KING!

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