#BS#Jews vs Jan: What happened in court on 16th March 2021?

#BS#I went to court on the 16th for the main hearing. My attorney and I were there. We waited from early in the morning until after midday. There were a lot of hearings going on which were first hearings and the court cases were being postponed. Then after about midday, it was said that there was one more such hearing that would take place quickly and then we would be moved in for the full hearing about the fake harassment case.

About 15 minutes before we were due to go into court there was a sudden power outage and the whole building was in darkness. This was “load-shedding”, the stupid dumb rolling blackouts we have in SA due to the “electricity problems”. Lately it has been particularly bad and comes without warning. The lights came on after a few minutes but then one of the court officials told us that the Pc’s are not working because the generators are only powering the lights. So the Pc’s as well as the recording equipment was not working. We spent about 10 or 15 minutes in court arranging a new court date which is set for almost exactly a month from now.

There were minor legal discussions between the top Jewish attorney and my attorney.

The most important issue that was raised was a document called my “Supplementary Affidavit”. Due to my struggles of getting an attorney and help, I lacked a proper legal reply to the false accusations laid against me. However, later, when I got a proper attorney we prepared this Supplementary Affidavit which contained very important information needed for my defence.

The Jewish advocate indicated very strongly that he was opposing this and that he showed a genuine desire to have my Supplementary Affidavit thrown out of the case. This would deprive me of my main defence. This is a very serious matter for me.

That is really the main thing that happened that I will mention now.

After the hearing my attorney and I had a lengthy discussion about the events and about this nasty development. My attorney will of course be fighting to get this document in. But there is a chance that it could be thrown out. So that is a problem for me.

My attorney and I discussed our options and strategy.

I do not want to discuss ANY OF THIS HERE. I do not want to discuss what chance I stand, nor anything else. You will just have to wait. But we went and discussed in detail how we would approach matters and what could be done if things go badly for me.

So we have a full plan which I cannot discuss here. You will have to wait a month.

There were other developments too, which I’m afraid it would be extremely unwise to discuss.

So this is all I will tell you for now.

The Jews are determined to deprive me of my only evidence in my own defence! Just sit and ponder that!

But this is not over.

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